The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


19. ...

    I was just thinking about what i could do to get Niall to care again. "Alora what's wrong what happened is Niall okay?" "um.. yeah he's fine" i was trying not to cry what if Niall and I never become friends again what if. What if? i couldn't think of what i could do to get Niall to understand that i feel horrible about what i did. I never meant for him to find out. I was just gonna ignore it but of course everything i seem to do backfires in some way. "Whats wrong?" i hear Harry say before i feel his cold hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing.... why do you ask"

"Something wrong you've been acting as if Niall died...Did he?"

I try to laugh as if it was funny. "No he didn't die.." my voice slowed down.

"You're sad or angry-" 

"Im both Niall is just so ugh!" Harry hugs me and tells me that all guys are ugh and that i shouldn't take it how im taking it...and that Niall will come around. I believe Harry since he should know how guys are better than i do. 


We end up sitting right outside of Nialls door i just stared at the clock counting down the minutes till Niall could leave. Then i realized how much more Harry works things out then Niall. 

Harry gets a call and he gets up and tells me he'll be back. I waited outside Niall's room for 25 minutes so far waiting for Harry to come back. Then 45 minutes, I felt like Harry wasn't coming back. When i looked at the clock Niall had 20 minutes till the nurse would go in there and tell him he was able to leave. All i could think was 20 minutes and Niall will see i didn't leave and maybe talk to me. 


Minutes went by and finally a Nurse went in his room and minutes later she came out. I wanted to know if something happened to Niall or if he's taking his time to come out here. After another 20 minutes Harry wasn't back yet but that was the least of my concern. 


I seen Nialls door open and he was walking out and when he seen i was out there he handed me a note and went walking to the exit. 


The Note read:

Alora you're beautiful and wonderful. You deserve so much better than me im a nobody and you have to power to change this world. I know you said you were leaving but i knew you'd stay outside my door and wait for me that anyway is why im writing you this. You shouldn't care about me i know you said you loved me but thats not true you feel in love with how i cared for you when no one did. You feel in love with what i had become to impress you. If i would have seen any other girl i would have been a complete ass whole to her, because thats who i am. I'm not that nice at all. I lied to you i did all this for you because you're beautiful. I should have just ignored you and you wouldn't be here waiting for me. I am such an ass i really do love you but you deserve to know who i really am and how bad i treat others. I know you might think im lying but im not. People only like me at school because i play a sport and am good looking. You deserve so much more that this. I hope you won't cry over me or even shed a tear you deserve to be a strong women who can go somewhere in life. Please don't come after me by the time you read this i won't be far you can probably catch me but please don't i dont want you to see how i am doing(badly) just keep this close to you you'll be fine .. I love you. 


I got up folded the note put it in my pocket i ran in the direction Niall was going. When i caught up to him he was surprised. 

"Niall i love you not who you say your not i feel in love with you please don't walk away please i really need you"

i was in tears and had no idea what he was going to say next. 




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