The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


17. What Next

   Okay since i didnt know what really happened should i play it all off and forget about it or should i find out what was making me have these "dreams" i was scared what if others are having these kind of dreams because of the hospital?  What if the hospital had gas running into the vents? I was confused and needed more air so i told Harry to tell Niall ill be outside for some time to figure things out. "Here take my jacket its kinda cold out there" Harry told me. "umm thanks" i said with a smile.


      I took the jacket and walked outside, I went and put the jacket on the bench then sat on the jacket so my butt wasnt frozen when i stood up. I sat there an thought about the kiss from Niall i really liked it but what did he think? was i being to pushy by kissing him or did he like it ugh why cant i just read minds.

     Then i thought about Harrys kiss the way his big hands grabbed me and the way his lips touched mine and how i could tell how much he liked me just by one kiss. The sparks that happened between me and Harry didnt happen between me and Niall was this a sign that i should stop waiting for Niall and just go with Harry but would i brake Nialls heart? wait why should i care oh yeah because he went through a lot to save me im ready to date Niall but what if hes not what if Harry tells him we kiss then we get into a big fight what if Niall will get mad at me?What if they ask me to choose?


I got up grabbed the jacket and ran inside to Nialls room.When i opened the door Niall was sleeping i was so realived. I went and sat beside him and started talking to myself.


   "Look how cute he looks sleeping i wish i knew if he liked our kiss so i know if i should ask him out or Harry. But i love Niall ugh why cant he just make a move why do i have to be the one too things like this make me nervous like i dont want to destroy what we have just because i really like him and i dont want to hurt him by asking Harry. ugh why cant i just know."


 right then Niall grabbed my hand and whispered"I love you to"

"Really?" i questioned him like is he just playing or is this for real.

"Yes i have since that moment on the plane when i first seen you i really hoped you would like me back and hearing what you just said really made me smile" He sat up and grabbed my other hand and looked me in the eyes. We were sitting there looking at eachother for like 3 minutes till he spoke up "Alora Will you be my girlfriend?"

I looked at him then at our hands then back to him.

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