The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


2. What Is Happening?

           All week I've been nervous I'll be moving across the world probably never seeing my friends again. Why cant my uncle just move here that would make my life easier. I've only talked to him over the phone I've never meet him face to face. What if he is every thing i didn't like.What if hes mean and doesn't care about me. All week that's all I thought about. 


         Friday my last day of school Cody gave me a big kiss and told me he always wanted us to be more than friends but since I never wanted to he never told me. "Were going to keep in touch and I will find ways to see you I promise Cody...and I do like you to" "really you do" "Yes" I leaned in and gave him a kiss. He took me to the airport luckily it was 2 hours away. I loved spending time with him and now that we both know we like each other. 


      At the airport I didn't want to say goodbye but my flight was leaving in 10 I had to board the plane. I gave him one last kiss and said "I'm going to miss you." Walking onto the plane holding in my tears.


     I seen my seat was next to this really hot guy. "Hi I'm Niall Horan" he said in an Irish accent."I'm Alora Edwards" I said while sitting down. "You seem to have a lot there" "Well yes I do and more under the plane I'm moving to Ireland with my uncle" "You'll like it there that's where I'm from" he said smiling. "Why are you moving half way across the world" "My parents just died last week and my uncle is the only person I can live with" "why are you in America?" "I'm sorry and I came to see about this football team" "You like football" I said smiling at him.

      "Yes its amazing" he pulled out a soccer ball "That's a soccer ball" "No its a football" "wait you call it football but I call it soccer...I have a lot to learn in so little time" "Then your lucky I know my stuff" "Haha yes I am" We talked on the way there about what things mean or what they say so I fit in better. But I'll never have an accent. "Your catching on very well Alora" "Thanks" I said yawning."Awe you need some sleep"he said putting my head on his shoulder. It felt like I've known Niall for years but we only just met.


      "Alora the captain is getting ready to land the plane" he said waking me up. "Ok" I said very tired.


      When we landed I had no idea where i was going or looking for so i sat down. "Bye Niall" I said waving. "Bye Alora" he said. I just sat down not knowing what I was waiting for.


       "Alora" I heard I looked up from my phone to see at least a 25 year old man calling my name. "Yes? are you Chuck?" "Yes I am" He grabbed my bags for me and started asking me questions that he thought he'd need to know.


      When we got to his house he took me to what will be my new room. "You didn't need to bring all that stuff i could have bought you new clothes""Well i wasn't sure" "I'll let you get some sleep" he said and gave me a kiss. "Ok" I said it felt very awkward I know he's family but it didn't feel like a family kiss it felt like he liked me more than family. 


    I could't go to sleep I stayed up thinking about how my life is going to change and what if Chuck liked me more than just family. I texted Cody. Hopping he was up. The time difference was really going to screw our friendship up. I thought he was sleeping until he FaceTimed me I loved seeing him again. He was getting ready for a party and I helped him pick out his clothes. When we were talking I should have told him about Niall but maybe that would have maybe him jealous since he wasn't the only guy on my mind. 


    About 15 minutes after we hung up Niall FaceTimed me and asked how I was. We stayed on talking almost all night. But at about 6:25 A.M i finally laid down and closed my eyes. 


     I thought i dreamt about people rubbing my legs but when i woke up it was Chuck rubbing me i felt so uncomfortable. He kissed my neck saying "Morning beautiful". I wanted to leave but when I sat up he put his hand in between my legs. "Stop!" I yelled. "Don't you dare scream at me young lady!" he yelled back grabbing my arm.


       What did I do what is he going to do? Could I ever tell anyone? 

  I didn't want to get on his bad side even more but I didn't want him touching me like that.


  When he left I cried into my pillow wishing I still had my parents. 

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