The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


16. Was it really just a dream?

         "Hello! NIALL!" I was now banging on the door. I ran down the hall to the front desk telling them that mt friends room was locked and i think someone is gonna kill him. "What room sweety?" she asked me. "Room 183" I ran back to the door and the door was open and Niall was sitting up watching Football(soccer). "hey Niall are you okay?" Yeah im great and where have you been?" "trying to get into your room the door was locked"i told him going to sit on the bed. "umm no its been unlocked" he told me like he was confused" Harry walked in"Alora where have you been me and Niall have been watching the game for like 2 hours now" "ive been looking for you and Nialls door was locked" They both stared at me like i was retarded. Niall spoke up"Alora the door has been unlocked and the nurses have been in and out checking up on me making sure i can leave soon." 


     The nurse i talked to at the front desk walked in i ran over to her and said"i just saw you at the front desk like 5 minutes ago telling you this door was locked didnt i" she looked at me then finally started talking"Sweety are you okay i just got here and have been assigned this room and i came in through the back" Everyone was staring at me. i walked out and the hall light started blinking *on* *off* *on* *off* Harry was now standing at one end of the hall and Niall at the other. "Niall Harry howd you get out here so fast?" i started getting really scared. They both just looked at me. "Niall Harry are you both okay?" I seen my shoe was untied i bent down and tied it. When i stood up Niall and Harry were atleast 2 feet away from me. I backed up to an exit and opened the door. Niall came up to me and hugged me"babe you dont need the door open you have me and Harry"


      I was getting scared Harry was bleeding from him nose. I walked over there and tried to wipe it off. it was like stained there. Harry looked at me and grabbed my hand"no need to clean i like my meat extra rare"he said smiling.right then his teeth turned into little razor blades. He bite my hand."Ahh SHIT Harry what the fuck is wrong with you?" I got out of his grip and ran toward Niall"Niall whats going on"i hugged him."Nothing why?"He took my hand and bent down on one knee. "OMG OMG"i got very excited. he opened his mouth and said"WIll you let me bite you?" and he bit my knee. "AHH FUCK!" i was in tears i ran for the door and opened it the nurse was out there i ran to her. When i got to her she took out a shot and said "Sweetie i need to amputate your leg so youll be one leg less okay?"She smiled and gave me the shot.I feel to the ground and felt something sharp cut into the top of my knee. After i while i couldnt feel that leg.When i could finally open my eyes i seen my right leg was half gone."the fuck omg it still hurts" i yelled "aww sweetie hold on i have another drug to give you" she opened my mouth and made me swallow something. 


          I got very dizzy and tired i feel to the ground and it felt like the world was turning around me. I woke up and i was in the hospital bed next to Niall. I jumped out of the bed and feel to the floor. I grabbed a medical knife. Niall woke up slowly"Alora why are you on the ground?" "cause you and-"I screamed as Harry walked into the room. "Alora its 4 in the morning please be quite" Harry told me. "and why are you on the ground with a knife?" 


       "Because you and Niall are going to eat me piece by piece and then drug the rest of me up." "What are you talking about?"Harry said. "i think she had a nightmare"Niall told harry. "but it felt so real i could feel the pain in my arm. I looked at my arm and there where scratch marks where 'Harry'had bite me. "im sorry Alora for doing that i tend to move kick and use my hands in my sleep." But this is where Harry bite me and he took off all this skin." i told them 


         "and and my knee" i checked my knee and nothing was there. "see it was all just a really big nightmare" harry told me. finally i stood up and  put the knife down. "Alora why dont you go back to sleep we wont know if I can leave till late tomorrow'' Niall told me. "umm- yeah i should i havent gotten sleep in a couple of days it would be best" so i walked over to the couch."why dont you come sleep on the bed with me Alora" Niall asked."umm well " i needed an excuse fast i didnt just want to tell them i thought all of that was true i said "well i sleep better alone ill get better sleep like this" i smiled and layed down facing them of course and i was squinting my eyes. So i looked like i was sleeping but seen everything just in case they actually did that. 



       But after a while of just acting asleep i fell asleep this time i knew i was asleep. In y dream it was just a bunch of just little mes trying to explain to big me if all of it was true or not. 


        I woke up this time at 9am i just got up and walked out to get some breakfast and fresh air. Maybe it was the ospital fumes making me think like this.When i got outside it was kinda chilly out but i needed fresh air so i was sitting out there cuddled into a ball. I was out there for atleast 30 minutes enough to make Harry and Niall nervous about me leaving. 


     while i was out there i wondered if me and niall and me and harry really did kiss? 


     When i got Niall alone i asked him if last night we kissed? i felt awkward but i needed to know. "well kinda we were about to then you backed off" "oh okay well.." i leaned in and kissed him. "I finished what i started.


     i went into the hallway and thought so i didnt kiss Niall did i kiss harry?So i went and asked him."no we didnt kiss"but he grabbed me and kissed me."but now we did"


      i needed more air so what really happened last night i might never really know... 

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