The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


13. Dont Die On Me

           I could hear Chuck laughing from the other side of the door. 


     I ran over to Niall and grabbed his hand. "Niall stay with me stay with me" is all i could say i  didnt want Niall to die on me. I heard the wind from outside and walked over to the far side of the room. I seen a crack in the wall and put my hand over top of it and felt the wind. I ran back over to Niall and whispered to him "Niall were getting out of here dont worry. "


             I could feel my heart beat from inside my ears. I grabbed Niall by the arm and dragged him to the far side of the room. I grabbed the opening of the crack and started pealing it off little by little. I felt the wind now it was getting stronger. I could finally see outside. As soon as the whole was big enough i looked out to see where we were. i really didnt know but i seen a gas station across the road. 



        I grabbed Niall and I could finally see him slowly opening his eyes "Wh-wh-whe-where are w-w-we" he said in a whispering voice. "Niall i dont know but can you stand up?" i asked "ye-yes i can" he said while grabbing on to me for help. 





     He slowly stood and all his weight was on me. "Niall we have to run okay" we slowly started to pick up our passe and started for the gas station. 


    "hey kids what are you doing?" I heard someone calling from a distance. I was scared to turn around to find it be Chuck.So we kept on slowly running toward the gas station. "Hey kids wait up" i heard the guy yell again.I was not going to turn around.



       "Kids wait up" the guy yelled. I finally turned around and nobody was there. I was freaking out. "Alora i-i-i cant feel my legs" NIall said while falling to the cold hard ground(see what i did there haha) "Niall get up please" i started crying. Niall grabbed my hand and said "Alora dont worry about me its not your fault im in this much pain" I leaned down and kissed him. 


"Niall im not leaving you no matter what i love you" 

"dont worry about me-"

"Niall your not dieing on me"

"Alora at least save-"

"NIall NIall Niall wake up NO NO NO!"

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