The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


3. Coming Out Clean

        "Lets go" Chuck yelled at me. "Get up we have to sign you up for school". I still wasn't use to the time. As we were walking out the door he looked at me and said "I'll be picking out your clothes for when were home alone" I got really scared. What was he going to make me wear? Knowing what he did to me this morning could be anything. 


    We got to my new school and I seen Niall he was there. I didn't want to just go talk to him so i walked past. Niall came up behind me "Hi Alora your gonna be coming here?" "yeah I am" We both smiled. "Come on Alora we have to go inside now" Chuck said meanly. He didn't like Niall. But I did. 


    "Ello, You must be Alora Edwards" "Yes" "I'm Mr. King I'll be your principal" Chuck left and Mr. King showed and introduced me to my teachers and  classmates. When I introduced myself to the class I told them I was from America and they all took turns asking me different questions. I took my seat and i didn't talk much I was just thinking about how this is so much different then California. 

   At lunch Niall let me sit with him and all his friends. They were all so nice. When i got up to trow my luch away this girl trips me and says "sorry" "oh ok" "your that new girl..and why are you sitting with Niall?" "yes i am and because were friends" "no girls can just be friends with Niall he's Niall and your ugly" Niall came over and took my hand and said "Your not ugly Alora your beautiful" 

    She over heard him tell me that and i could tell she doesn't like me now.

 After school Niall meet me at my locker and said "I'll walk you home" "Ok but i really don't know how to get home from here" "haha do you know your address?" "yeah then we'll take my car"


      As were driving I really want to tell Niall that I don't want to go back to my new home. "Niall" I say very softly. "Yes Alora" "umm.... I kinda don't feel safe going back"I said softly."Why whats wrong?" He pulled the car over. 

    "Well Chuck my uncle umm.... kinda touches me and screams and....."I pulled off my jacket showing him my arm. "What he did this! was he drunk Alora!" I got a phone call from Cody "Hold on Niall" I said picking it up. 

     "Hey Cody I can't talk right now I'll call you later" "Ok"


        "Who was that, your boy friend" he said smiling. "No he's my best friend" I said blushing. "Does he know about what happened?" "No only me you and Chuck" "Alora when you get home pack everything you want and don't really need and I'll take it to my place so if you ever just need to leave you can"


     When we got to my house Chuck wasn't home I packed probably 4 bags full of things. "Are you sure all this stuff is fine""yes it is" "Ok" he grabbed them and left right in time before Chuck pulled up. 


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