The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


20. But i love you

      "Alora you shouldn't have came after me i told you not to...why would you"


"Niall please just listen to what i have to say please" 

"You have 3 minutes" 


"Okay well where do i start... Okay remember that day on the plane when i sat next to you you were so nice and you came off as carefree thats what i liked. You're so hot i was surprised you even talked to me. You may say i shouldn't care but these last weeks just being with you is why i feel so hard for you you stood by me ..and i understand you think i deserve better but Niall you are the best i can get. No one and i mean no one has ever done what you have for me i feel in love with you for who you are-" 


"for who i became for you" 


"Niall please don't leave i-i-i dont know what ill do without you-" 


"Alora you can actually go some where with your like i don't know why you want me holding you back" 


i can't fight with Niall so i lean in knowing this with backfire but i just can't let him go.. Asi lean in he leans in he knows what i was thinking. As we get closer i can feel his body heat and i feel so safe. When finally i feel his sweet lips on mine and i feel his arms wrap around me. 


"Niall don't leave me"

"i have to"


those 3 little words broke me into pieces 

i let go and turned around i couldn't look at him anymore i just couldn't 


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