The Hardest Thing

Alora is very well liked shes the most beautiful, athletic girl at her school. She goes through some really hard things when her parents die and that leaves her with her uncle. He does really inappropriate things to her. She wants to leave and never return. Never mention anything to anyone.Everyone now becomes not trust worthy. But can just an ordinary soccer player change all of this?


15. Are We official yet

                       i ran into Niall's room 'Niall Niall! are you okay?" i totally forgot Harry was in the waiting room. I felt Niall grab my hand and he opened his eyes slowly. "Niall" i grabbed his hand back and sat next to the hospital bed. "Alora i have to tell you something" "yes Niall anything" I was getting worried like he'd tell me he was dieing. 

   "Alora i want to tell you that i love you and your the most perfect girl in the world and if i dont get to come out of the hospital please make that guy out there the happiest man ever. I seen earlier how happy he made you feel,and you probably think hes cute and i just want you to be happy if i-" "Niall! NIall! Niall!, NURSE NURSE COME QUICK" i ran out of the room to get the nurse. A doctor and 2 nurses went in to the room and shut the door on me. 


        I was now in tears. They were going down my face faster then i ever thought tears could go down. Harry come ver to me and hugged me. He was so muscular and my head went right into his chest i heard his heart beating and i felt safe. I cant believe im falling for this guy ive only know for what a day or so. But im in love with Niall and i want to be his girl.


        "im very sorry" Harry said in his deep raspy voice. "Its not your fault" I said still crying my eyes out. We went and sat down and i slowly fell alsleep in Harrys arms. It must have been 4 am when i woke up and went to Nialls room to see if i could see how he was doing.The door was unlocked i went in there and Niall was asleep. I was so happy to see that hes not dead he just has really bad injuries. 


             I went to the side of the bed and grabbed his hand slowly to make sure i didnt wake him.He looked so peaceful sleeping. "A-A-Alora?" someone whispered "Niall?" i said back. "seeing Nialls mouth work when he was getting out the next couple of words. "are are you ok? he asked me. "yes im fine im better ten fine im so grateful to have you back" i said way to happy i could tell. But i made him laugh i could tell so i felt complete. 


      "will you lean down Alora?"

        "Yeah" i said while leaning down toward his face.

       "come closer" he said so i came closer. Right then he leaned up and kissed me. He took his good hand and wrapped it around me. I sat down on the bed where it would be easier to kiss him at. I started smiling and we stopped kissing. I looked at him and just  smiled. 

     "i couldnt resits while i was asleep i had a dream you and that guy out there-" "Harry his names Harry" "that you and Harry got married and had beautiful kids and all i thought was that i want that man to be me." "Niall thats one of the sweetest things ive heard in  while." 


          Right then Harry walked into the room i was sitting on the bed holding Nialls hand and Niall acted like he was sleeping. 


   "Is he alright?" harry asked me. "Hes breathing and his blood is where it should be so yeah i think he'll be fine" 

     "Alora can i talk to you in the hallway" "Yeah sure" i got up and walked to the hallway with Harry. We went to the end of the hallway where the cafeteria was. "Alora I know you probably will hate me for this but i have to do this" I got scared like what is he going to do?

    by my surprise he grabbed me by my hips with his big hands and kissed me.I couldnt help myself i kissed back i put my hands around his neck it just seemed so right.


        "Do you hate me now?" "No" i said smiling "good i didnt want you to hate me its just i had to kiss you when you were sleeping on me and when we hugged earlier it felt right and i just had to kiss you" i was blushing and i was smiling i was rosy red i could tell. "i just was not expecting you to kiss me thats all" 


       "im gonna go check up on Niall get something to eat ill be back no later then 10 - 15 minutes okay" "okay ill be here" 


    I ran back to Nialls room and he was sitting up. "So what happened out there" he asked me. right then i thought o i tell him

that Harry and i kissed and i enjoyed it. Or that we kissed? GOSH! "Um well we kissed" "what?" he said back "well it was more of he grabbed my hips and then kissed me" "did you enjoy it?" he sounded sad and curios. "well kinda but ours was better if that helps the situation


     I sat down on the bed and Niall grabbed my hand. "and Niall you cant really get mad because were not dating and me and Harry are not dating so you can just be jealous" "Well i am very" "Im sorry i didnt think he liked me honestly" "Alora your beautiful why wouldnt he like you thats why im jealous because he also kissed you. 


     Niall leaned in and kissed me again. he put his hand on my back and slowly slide it down. 


     About 5 minutes later


"Niall i have to go see Harry okay were gonna get something to eat okay?" "yeah sure" he was mad so i went over there and kissed his forehead "member im still single Mr jealous pants"


    I went to the cafeteria to see Harry and i couldnt find him. Like where was he? i was getting worried and everything now. I ran back to Nialls room and the door was locked. 


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