Imaginary Friend {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

First kiss, First touch, First seen, First loved is what Niall ever wanted out of Maria Summers. But unfortunately she'll have to wait a lifetime to develop into a human. The blokes on the other hand think Niall is moonstruck, convinced them that his 'Imaginary Friend' is real. They tried everything they can but the same old Niall is what they got for return. But sooner or later one numb kiss could lead into destiny. Where Maria faces the world. Finally seen, heard, loved, But is it too much for her pure heart to handle.

"Niall I can no longer love you, as I'm all in your head,"


2. Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 1: Stoned


Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 1: Stoned


  I cast a glance at dozen doors opened, tearing away the bond of hard soil. Restraining the sunlit silence. The rays, golden threads weaving across his face, Niall. He held a clay, the bases of their Palms were conjoined, warmth in between is shared. Detaching the mend of pure, him elevating her around his waist. Moral sense loathing me, it was tempting to look away. He was my only true love, drawing him to kiss another girl.

  "Sarah? I've gotten you a gift." In folding her with a promise ring, a symbol of love and commitment to one another. Incapable for paying no attention, she gave a small gasp of pain.  She didn't show any approval, but looked disgusted.

  "It-ts bee-tea-ful baby." She avoided eye contact with sweet precious Niall. Concealing the truth by giving him a slight peck on his moist lips.  "It's everything I-I ever wanted ........ Niall." Various directions of her eye movements, explaining what's going on in her mind at that exact moment. 

 She swung her legs over Niall, emerging into the sun-light. She dug around in her pockets for a minute before dragging out a fag and lighter, blowing the cloud of smoke into the air that caused people to inhale. She puffed another one, and another and so on until she was out of breath. 

  "Huh, so that's the girl you fell head over heels for, everyone knows you woud have done better, Niall," Wheeling around Niall, slacking eye connection. It was a constant battle for him, finding the one who could make his life improve, you could say it was war. The innocence showed on the sleeping face, looking absent-mindedly into space.

 "Girls come and go, but all negative, it's useless finding one to cuddle with when your weak and useless yourself." He couldn't tolerate it, his thoughts got the best of him. He constantly puts himself down and he has no motivation except me. 

 "You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel,"  I volunteered to continue, he wanted to feel accepted to the world. But unfortunately it wasn't today.

 "Wow Johnny Depp, nice start though, really boost my energy." His smile only doing the pleasure of fooling the public. Camouflage his sadness, with pride he finally spoke ..... Again, "I wish you were human, I would do the impossible things to you," His expression lost its interest, his eyes down casting to the floor.

 A thumb rubbing softly caressing his earlobe. Her fingers supporting the back of his head as she leans closer and firmly yet seductively place both hungry lips together. Niall inhaling quickly at Sarah's sudden movement. Niall couldn't bare to fight, sitting there mesmerized lips press together time after time, his hands were occupied being forces down her pants.

  "You know I could do the favour and vomit all over her, it'll not only make me happy, but you too. Chappy," I laughed. Sarah's desire were smoothly going as planned, powerful combination between the two 'Love Birds' His lips transporting a giggle.

  "What are you laughing on about." Niall's lips soon looked spicy, his bottom lip was emerging into red liquid. I looked into his eyes smirking evilly, why was I such a 'Payne' in the ass. "Yeah Niall what seems to be the problem." Resting on the stool of the couch were Niall laid sprawled out. 

  "Nothing's wrong with me, I'm fine." It was highly unlikely exposing his self talk. Consciously change his action, it was temporarily that people expose an utterly strange facial. Despite the fact he got mocked in third grade. He wasn't confident in social situations, supposedly I would stand beside him on what to say. Yep I was Jerry and well he was Tom. 

 Preceding the make out scene, which made me misunderstand that Niall done purposely did that to tease me. "Ha ha funny, well catch ya later slut." I laughed sarcastic. Poofing myself out, imaging the dreadful expression if I had stayed longer, he would have been completely naked, so as the hobo. 

I wish I was his hobo.




(Authors Note)

Omg I hate this chapter so bad, and it's the bloody first chapter. I feel ashamed. But oh well here ya go. I haven't updated this book for so long, and well the waiting has well died down. There's chapter 1, I truly hope you like it. Sorry for the era, but if there is any please let me know I would get onto that right away. Comment/Vote/Fan/Share

Have a nice day everyone.


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