Imaginary Friend {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

First kiss, First touch, First seen, First loved is what Niall ever wanted out of Maria Summers. But unfortunately she'll have to wait a lifetime to develop into a human. The blokes on the other hand think Niall is moonstruck, convinced them that his 'Imaginary Friend' is real. They tried everything they can but the same old Niall is what they got for return. But sooner or later one numb kiss could lead into destiny. Where Maria faces the world. Finally seen, heard, loved, But is it too much for her pure heart to handle.

"Niall I can no longer love you, as I'm all in your head,"


1. Prologue



My legs maintain undetected where the lacking grey color clouds hid it. The way my perfectly disheveled mahogany locks kept falling into my pure baby blue eyes. My presence lite up the entire room. My fingertips poke the shutter window, as it replaces it with certain scratching. My eye's observe Niall as he sat sloppy on the couch.

He seemed quite careless about what occur to him in his surroundings. His legs dangled from the edge of the stool, his palms determine his warm heated four-head. As his emotions boiled from his eyes, examining him felt as if someone plucked the strings off a vintage harp. 

"Guardian angle, please shine upon me," Niall proclaimed, using his five fingers as a comb, running it through his hair trying to look presentable. I smiled as I circled his flat. Sobs overspread his poor manly figure.

"You know I have a name," I chortle, his face soften as he stared into my invisible figure. 

"Tell me Maria, what do girls like in a man," he demanded, as he admired my pure baby blue eyes.

"Everything you have, Niall," I popped the question, as the color from his face had now apparently drained into a pale white. He stood helplessly silent, his hands were slightly buried deep into his pockets.

"Then tell me you love me, Maria," as he referred to my question early, he looked decent as he was begging to know.

"I can't Niall I'm not a human, I'm all up in your head, and it will stay like that forever," I declared, where at that point his Irish red cheeks ceasing to exist. His plump lips where hidden hardly, exposed by his braces.

"No, it won't, after this," he regained his self-esteem, after he boost his energy, piratically gliding his way towards me.

His lips parting, as he cupped his sweaty palms below my jaw moving up the last inch. Are lips touch as I felt electricity. His hands drew little circles upon my pale, invisible cheek that lite up. I couldn't feel anything as if it felt numb, beside the fact that I'm a ghost that floats around Niall's head and helps him chose the rights and wrong. 

His hands went through me just like liquid, that's when I noticed something different.

It appeared as my hand slowly developed a strained skin color, which seemed like it never seen a manicure. My floating legs which swung from one place to another had now felt something soft and prickly. It was the soothing touch of the carpet. My black hair soon enough had shinned into a soft brown which trailed behind my lovely back.

I felt a sharp pinch and notice the numbing from Niall's lips have now turned into lust and began to soften. He slowly pulled away, where he regained the color from his face beside his cheeks, where he stared wide-eye..............



"I'm a human!"


that's a little teaser of my new book. Yes NEW, and in fact it's a one direction fan fiction. So I hope you liked it, I'll keep you updated when it will be soon updated. So Bye guys. AHA SO EXCITED

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