Lost Without You

Melody was never one of those girls who fit in with any groups. She tried to make friends, but it always got worse. They either told her to get out, she's not worth it, or that she didn't belong anywhere. Even her parents said so. Her thoughts consisted of having one special person in her life that would care about her, but she knew it would never happen, and that it was just a dream.

Melody never realized that she had a guardian angel, Mason Jai, who completely cared about her.

But when Melody meets a handsome young lad named Harry Styles, she thinks, "Are my dreams really coming true? Have I finally met someone who would make me 'happy'? Someone who would actually care?" But what if he had to go? Would Mason take over? Is she 'lost without him'?

Who would she fall for? Her guardian angel, or the lad she thought who first noticed her?


2. Meeting Each Other

Melody’s POV
Winter Break is almost over and I am just not ready for it. Even if I switch schools, people would still treat me the same. I never understood why.
“Melody!” My father exclaimed.
“WHAT.” I shouted from my room..
Did they not hear my ‘what’? They must be deaf.
“What do you want?”
“Make us some dinner, now.”
“You guys can make your own dinner. I’m done with your guys’ bullshit. You have legs, go do it yourself.”
“Excuse me? We have not raised you to become like this ‘teenager’.”
“Oh yeah? Well, how come you guys were never there for me when I needed you?”
There was a silent moment for a couple of minutes, until they started to threaten me. I could tell they wanted to fight, but I backed away slowly. Well that was the worst decision to make. He threw a punch at my face, and that knocked me off my feet. I thought they were done, until they started kicking my head, and really putting me out of my misery. I woke up a couple hours later to them staring at me, and yelling at me to make their food. What the hell man, they just beat me up and expect me to make their food. But, I must obey their orders, if I want them to stop. I have the “best” parents in the world.
“Here’s your food. I hope you enjoy it.”
“Ew. What in the world is this? Beef? We specifically said pork, you twat.”
“I’m sorry, okay... It won’t happen, I promise.”
“Ok, get out.”
I couldn’t stand it anymore. There’s just some days I want to be at school, and well, nevermind. I just don’t want to be home nor do I want to be at school. No one cares. I need a paramedic. I feel like my vision is all messed up. If I complained to my parents about it, they wouldn’t care. I just left it alone, and hoped for the best.
Harry’s POV
As a baker, I’ve been made fun of at school. What’s wrong with being a baker? At least I could make food for other people, unlike their untalented selves. .There was this one day I tried to stand up for myself. It was a horrible decision to make. They started to threaten me saying that they would beat me after school. It’s just SO SAD to know that my friends, at least I thought they were, weren’t there to back me up. I was cornered by the people who wanted to beat me, and by the time I woke up, I was at the hospital. Confused and cold. I wanted someone to hold me, not my mother, a girl who would stick close to my side, and not let go. I tried to picture who that special girl would be, but gave up eventually. Out of the blue, I was shaken by my mother.
“Mom! Are you drunk again?”
“Harry, honey, you promise to not leave me, right? You promise you won’t leave me like your father?”
I was getting scared by the minute. This has happened before, but she promised she wouldn’t do it again. Oh, not beating me up, like I said, she was not one of those abusive mothers. Just an addict. I wanted to help my mother get better, but she was just out of control. It got worse to the point where she started to touch me. I quickly stood up, and ran away. I ran as far as I could, and that was when I saw a girl running in tears. She looked pretty bad, and I was terrified.
Melody’s POV
Finally, time to myself. I was in the mood for something sweet, but what should I eat.? Oh, that bakery a couple blocks away should be fine. I walked in, and said my order. Oh crap, I forgot about the bruise on my face.
“Hi, uh. Can I have a basket of fries to go?”
“Ew, did you just say a bucket of fries?”
Great, the meanest bitches around are here. I hope they just walk away and not do anything harmful.
“You’re such a fat pig. Ordering fries? You already weigh like 500 pounds.”
I was on the verge of tears, and I was pretty pissed off at how ignorant they are.
“Please don’t hit me. I didn’t mean you any harm.”
Well I said that too late, considering I was on the floor already. I tried to stand up but I was kicked back down. It was useless to fight back, I would never win, I never did. BUt why couldn’t I defend myself, I took karate for a year or so. I ran away as far as I could. I was done with everyone here. My “family”, school, just everything. I couldn’t cry to anyone about it because clearly, nobody cared. I just wanted to die already. Put myself out of misery. I ran to the farthest park, Liberty Park, hoping nobody saw me, since the last time they saw me was on the floor knocked out. Phew, I was “safe”. I sat thinking of where to go next, maybe my relatives would want to see me, or maybe I should just go fly somewhere, where everyone will forget I even existed.
Harry’s POV
I ran as far as I could,. hoping my mom wouldn’t find me. I didn’t need her drunk self, around me, I don’t like it. Her breath reeks, she’s so clumsy, and just annoying. Nobody ever went to Liberty Park since it was almost five miles from the main city. I kept running and fell over someone. What the fuck. Someone was here? It was always dry, and nobody came here.
“Oops, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to trip over you. Why are you sleeping here?”
Oh my gosh, I hope she doesn’t plan to kill me or anything.
“What? It’s fine. Just leave me alone. I just want to be alone.”
I started to walk away as she started to cry. She looked hurt, she was bruised and everything.
“May I ask what happened? You seem to be really hurt.”
“I’ve gotten beaten up okay, nobody likes me around there. Hence the reason why I want to be alone.”
Well my bad girl, didn’t mean to offend you.
“I’ve gotten beat up too, I know what it feels like.”
“From your own parents, and ignorant bitches at school? I don’t think so.”
“Well not my parents, but I have been bullied at school. I’ve been what you’re going through. okay. I want to help you get through it, since nobody helped me. It’s the least I could do, and I’m sorry. I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Harry.”
“Oh okay then. Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m Melody, nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too, Melody.”
Yes, I finally made a friend. I’m going to help her and make her feel better.
Melody’s POV
How’d he not see me laying there, nobody else was around. But, I’m surprised he wants to help me. Nobody ever does. Well, regardless, I needed this. Someone to vent to, who would just sit and listen to what I have to say. I didn’t want to break down in front of him, but I feel like I really need to. Here come the waterfalls, thinking about everything that happened in the last 24 hours. My head hurt so much, I could pass out any minute now.
“Melody, are you okay? You look a little loopy.”
“Uh, yeah. I think I need to go to the hospital. I’ve been kicked in the head a few times in the last few hours.”
“I’ll take you. It’s a couple blocks away anyway. Hop onto my back.”
“What. No, I can walk”
Ha, I can’t walk, my legs hurt and everything is blurry. I’m the fattest pig around.
“No really, I want to get you there as soon as possible.”
We got there so fast, I didn’t even notice. I could barely hear what he was saying to the nurses.
“Someone please help her, she could pass out any minute now.”
Right after that, they took me in and put some breathing mask on me.
Harry’s POV
I was so worried about her. I was pacing through the waiting room hoping for the best. How did I care for someone so much, after just meeting them?
“You may come see her” the doctor said.
Finally. Goodness, how long have I been waiting?
“Hey, are you okay?”
“I need to go home, before my parents kill me, literally. Thank you for everything though. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.”

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