Lost Without You

Melody was never one of those girls who fit in with any groups. She tried to make friends, but it always got worse. They either told her to get out, she's not worth it, or that she didn't belong anywhere. Even her parents said so. Her thoughts consisted of having one special person in her life that would care about her, but she knew it would never happen, and that it was just a dream.

Melody never realized that she had a guardian angel, Mason Jai, who completely cared about her.

But when Melody meets a handsome young lad named Harry Styles, she thinks, "Are my dreams really coming true? Have I finally met someone who would make me 'happy'? Someone who would actually care?" But what if he had to go? Would Mason take over? Is she 'lost without him'?

Who would she fall for? Her guardian angel, or the lad she thought who first noticed her?


3. Jealousy Attacks

For some reason, when I ran into Melody, I felt this strong connection between us. It’s impossible to fall in love with a girl this easily. But, with Melody, it was possible. I could never stop thinking about her. She was on my mind constantly. Right when I got home, I saw my mother knocked out on the couch., I put a blanket over her, and took the beer out of her hand.

Mason’s POV
Weird. Winter Break was almost over. The good thing about it being over, was that I get to see Melody 7 days a week again. As one of my new year resolutions, I vowed to protect Melody from all the harm no matter what I would get in return. In my eyes, she was perfect. Perfect as she can be. It hurts knowing that she actually believes in everything people say about her. One day, I will prove to her that she is actually worth it. I will be her ideal guy, the first guy who has ever noticed her. But, for some reason, I feel like someone else will make her happy first. Knowing that that might happen, hurts me. Is it too late for me to tell her how I feel?
*Back to School*
I haven’t seen Melody yet. Was she in the bathroom eating lunch? I didn’t even see her during 2nd period. I knew something was up. I went looking for her, and she was nowhere to be found. Not in her usual classes, the cafeteria, and not in any of the bathrooms. After school, I saw her. She was with another guy? What? How could this be? WHY? I have never seen him before either. I could hear my heart aching because I knew I was too late. Wait, why do I feel like this? I thought I only wanted to be her friend? Not her boyfriend or anything else. I can’t be jealous. I just can’.t These feelings I’m developing for her just isn’t right. Maybe not. But ugh. I can’t help but stare at them laughing. As I looked even closer, I saw her wearing a cast. I wonder what happened and knew right away what had had happened. It didn’t matter because I’ve never seen her THIS happy before. It’s almost as if she wasn’t even pretending.
Melody’s POV
I haven’t had a good laugh in a while. Harry really did make me feel wanted and maybe a little special. To be honest, I think I was developing these feelings for Harry. Maybe it was because I’ve never felt like this before. It’s too soon, and I knew I had to back off. I knew he would just leave one day if I made him mad or if he found someone better than me. Thinking of that just brings my hopes down. I don’t want to think that he could really just disappear out of my life. Out of nowhere, he started to tickle me. I could feel the tension between us, and in his eyes, it all felt perfect. Even if it felt a little awkward at first..
“Ow.” I yelped.
“What’s wron-- oh, i’m sorry. I completely forgot about your cast. Are you alright, love?”
"Ha, yeah, I'm alright. Just a little sore, that's all."
I wonder if he could tell how awkward our "bond" is. I mean, I can't even look him in the eyes without blushing so hard, and looking away. I bet he thinks I'm such a loser when I start talking. Why do I have to be like this.
Harry’s POV
She’s so cute when she blushes. Since I started to fall in love with her, I decided to ask her a few questions to know her better. It started out simple, and ended deep. I just can't help these feelings. It seemed too good to be true, you know?
“Melody? Have you ever had someone to love?”
“No......as I said before, no one ever loved me.”
“Well, listen to this. I will be the first person to love you. You’re perfection to me, Melody. I really mean it..”
It was too soon to admit it to her, but right when I said it, she immediately stood up, and walked away. I was confused. What did I do wrong?
Melody’s POV
“Well, listen to this. I will be the first person to love you. You’re perfection to me, Melody. I really mean it.”
How could he just say that right after we just met? I mean, I know he helped me last night, but it was just too soon. I had feelings for him also, but him saying the 3 words that fear me the most just kept me in shock. I felt bad for not saying anything afterwards, and just leaving him. So, I quickly walked back to the benches, but when I did he was with some other girl. He saw me and I just shook my head with complete confusion.
“Melody! Wait! It’s not what you think!” Harry shouted as he chased after me.
What did he expect me to think? Didn’t he just get done saying he loved me? Complete bullshit.
“Melody! Please stop running! Let me explain!”
“Explain what? I leave just to think about what you said, and come back to this? No. I don’t need to hear it.. I told you nobody loves me.”
“Melody, really. It’s not like that.”
He interrupted with a soft kiss. A KISS? WHO DOES HE THINK I AM? But I liked it, was that weird?
“Why?” I asked.
“Because that was the only way you would stop yelling at me and to let me explain.”
“That girl wasn’t anybody special. She just came by to say hi. I can only think about you now. Nobody, and I mean nobody else. You really caught my eye, and I don’t want to lose you to some girl you thought I was “getting at”. I love you okay. And maybe it is a little early to say that.. But I want you to know I really mean it.”
Those words broke my heart. I knew he meant it by the way he said it, and the way he looked into my eyes. Finally, someone who loved me, for me.
I got tired of looking at his eyes for so long that I took a quick glance at everyone to see if anyone was watching. No one was, of course, but this one guy did. I think his name was Mason? I wasn’t too sure, but I remember seeing him around. Why was he here though? And why is he just staring at us? Did he want something?
Mason’s POV
Oh crap, I think she can see me. Who is that kid hugging her forever? I don’t like the look of this. Should I stay and say hi to her, or just walk away and act like nothing happened? I could always talk to her at school, since I know that lump bag doesn’t go to the same school. Yeah, I’ll just wait and see what happens tomorrow. But I mean, look at how beautiful she is. Lightly curled hair, hmmm.. That’s how I like it on her. Dressy, yet casual clothes. Even prettier. And not too much makeup. I swear, I study her a lot. Woah, that seems weird, but you get the point. I could barely see what he’s saying to her, but I think it’s quite rude if I just tried making out what he was saying. I have to admit. I am jealous. Like it really doesn’t make sense because she’s not even my girlfriend. I wish she was though. I wouldn’t have to worry about every move she makes, get jealous of these other guys she talks to, and have her with me all the time. Everything would be easier. But no, that guy just had to get in the way and ruin everything. Goodness gracious, who is he anyway?
Harry’s POV
I liked looking into her eyes. I knew when I did that, she felt safe. The way she would start talking, looking at me, everything was just right.
“I’m sorry for making today sort of a handful.”
“No, it’s alright. I needed this. For the first time, I have something nice to remember. All I could ever remember is getting beat up and put down.”
“Not anymore. We have each other to protect, and more importantly. I need to ask you something.”
“Okay, sure. What’s up?”
“Will you b--- actually, nevermind.”
“Wait, what happened?”
“Oh, nothing. Sorry.”
Jeez, did I really just do that. What is wrong with me.
Melody’s POV
Why did he just stop talking all of a sudden. Well, I kind of got the jist of what he was going to ask me. I just wanted to hear the words, even though I know I’m not ready yet.
“I know what you were going to ask me, haha. It wasn’t that hard to keep from me. I know we just met today, so I’m guessing that’s why you held back. But, I don’t want anything official until I know you better. But don’t worry, you’re mine, and I’m yours.”
Did I really just. Oh whatever. I knew that’s what he wanted to hear, and I wanted him to know how I felt. What is the matter with me. Falling in love with someone I JUST met like half an hour ago isn’t reasonable. I don’t think these feelings are going to last very long. The way we feel right this moment, won’t be here a year later. Or will it?

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