Lost Without You

Melody was never one of those girls who fit in with any groups. She tried to make friends, but it always got worse. They either told her to get out, she's not worth it, or that she didn't belong anywhere. Even her parents said so. Her thoughts consisted of having one special person in her life that would care about her, but she knew it would never happen, and that it was just a dream.

Melody never realized that she had a guardian angel, Mason Jai, who completely cared about her.

But when Melody meets a handsome young lad named Harry Styles, she thinks, "Are my dreams really coming true? Have I finally met someone who would make me 'happy'? Someone who would actually care?" But what if he had to go? Would Mason take over? Is she 'lost without him'?

Who would she fall for? Her guardian angel, or the lad she thought who first noticed her?


1. Feelings

Melody’s POV
I was glad that it was finally Winter Break; 3 weeks to myself, and nothing else to worry about.. Although, being alone was great, I wanted someone to hold me tight. Someone who will lend their shoulder to my tears, make me laugh, and to make me feel safe. But who could ever want me? I didn’t feel special in anyone’s eyes. The dirty looks from girls, the wasted food being thrown at, and all the tormenting words and names attacking me. Did anyone ever want to help me? Get me back on my feet?
Mason’s POV
She never realized that I was there the whole time. No matter how much I wanted to help her. But, I wouldn’t blame her. It was my fault for not making the better decision.. I could’ve stood up for her, but I was a worthless coward. I’m so full of myself, that I think about myself first before her, or anyone else in general. I wish I could change myself, and be that type of friend she needed.
Melody’s POV
Being at home was also the last place I wanted to be. The first would be high school. My parents treated me like a peasant. They made me feel worthless, hopeless, and endless. Everyday was the same, being yelled at, having things thrown at, and always thinking about suicide. People would probably start caring if I were gone, but I was a strong, independent girl who believed in miracles.
Harry’s POV
Having to be dealt with my parents’ divorce for a couple of years now, has made me feel like half of me is gone and still is. My mom, Anne, and I have been trying our hardest to keep our bond close. I was surprised to know that she has never hit me before, like those other abusive mothers who have gotten out of a marriage. I loved her way too much, that I kept her safe and sound. She gets upset sometimes, but she said that the soothing, yet raspy, voice of mine, brought her back to reality.

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