Calling This Untitled Would Be Lazy, Like You.

Most of my poems have been quite positive, so I thought I'd do a negative one because well.. I've been feeling pretty negative about things and not spoken to anyone about it.


1. Calling This Untitled Would Be Lazy, Like You.

It's been a while since I've said a word,
A spiteful, hateful tongue in my mouth
That springs things to mind, you've heard
My stories, my rhymes. But still. 

You become an imitation of others, fueled
By their creations, their jokes and smiles. 
Imagine a warzone, where you're armed
With nothing but 'copy' and 'paste',

You may not win, but you'll make an effort
To take what we attack you with, and make it
Your own. Ensure your guards are alert,
As we have thieves in the night, and knives. 


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