Safe Haven

Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope



2. Pastries, muffins, and cupcakes, Oh my!

  I finally arrived at the cafe and pulled into the roadside parking lot. It was one of those cute little road-side cafes that are placed in between boutiques. There were two tiny tables with only two chairs each , placed outside the cafes two medium-sized windows. I took a big breath and walked in. 

  Good thing I took that big breath because I can only use one word to describe this place. Breathtaking. The walls were all pained a soft shade of green, and the bottom quarter was pained a deep, rich chocolate brown, There was an off-white stripe dividing the walls colors. All the table cloths were a beautiful white with an accent on the bottom. Every second table had a green stripe trimming them, and all the rest had a soft mocha color trim. The chairs had a cherry wood frame with padded light brown leather backings. Local artist's work was displayed all along the walls. I took a quick peek around looking for the check-out counter. I spotted the storefront, which had hundreds of magnificent, soft, warm, delicious pastries muffins and oh my... cupcakes....

  Snap out of it Selena! I yelled at myself, mentally, of course. Cupcakes are my weakness. I walked up to the counter, but there was no-one there. There was a small card which had calligraphy writing on it. 'Please ring for service' It said. I scanned the table, and spotted the shiny silver bell. I tapped the top lightly, and a man in a uniform came out from what I'm guessing is the kitchen. I giggled at the fact that he had flour all down his black apron.

 "What's so funny? Never seen a man bake a muffin before?" He said with a cheeky smile. I giggled and blushed. 

" I'm actually here to drop off a job application." I said.

"Well then I'm your guy! Dwight Lannigan, store manager, at your service." He replied, with a short bow. He stuck out his hand, which was covered in baking stuff. "Oops, sorry about that!" He apologized with a smile. He extended his other hand, wiping the butter and flour covered one on his apron.

"Hehe! Nice to meet you!" I smiled, and shook his clean hand. I slipped my application form over the table, and he motioned for me to follow him. I did and he led me down the hall, to a room that said 'Board room.'


~Ten minutes later~

I felt the interview went great! He asked me some questions about what I could bring to the team, why do I think I should get the position, and lots of stuff like that. He said they would call me if i got the positon... fingers crossed!


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