Safe Haven

Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope



5. First Day

  I woke with a start to the annoying sound of my alarm. Of course I had to choose THE most irritating ringer! Cramming my head between two pillows I let out a groan before caving in. I shivered at the cold breeze I felt as I lifted the sheets off of my body, which was still warm from the 8 hours of being snuggled in between my sheets. After crawling out of bed, I trudged over, feeling those stupid little fluffies stick to my feet as I padded across the cold tile floor. breathing a sigh of relif, I finally reached my phone and shut it off. Silence never sounded so sweet! 


  I stood by the dresser for a few moments in a bit of a daze, then I remebered I had to go shower! Walking into my bathroom, I peeked around to make sure the burgandy curtains were fully closed, just in case. After turning the crank on the shower, I started stripping down and stepped in. I felt the warm steam engulf my body, and the hat water drip down my back. First, I washed my hair, then my body. 


  After my shower, I wrapped myself in a towel and blow dried my hair. I slipped out of the bathroom and padded over to my dresser. What was I supposed to wear? I carefully looked over all my options, and decided on a nice and flowy floral print blouse and a warm gray pencil skirt. Not too fancy, not too casual. Just right. My stomach started grumbling, so I went out to grab some breakfast. 


  I sliced the bagel,placed it gently in the toaster, and pushed it down. Arching my back forward a bit, I placed my elbows on the counter and placed my head in my hands and let a blissful smile creep across my face. And then the bagel popped. The sound had frightened me so much, I jumped and whacked my head off the cupboards above me! "OUCH!" I cried. I rubbed my now sore head, while I quickly pulled the bagel out of the toaster, not wanting to burn my fingers. "Hot,Hot,Hot!" I slurred under my breath, while dropping the piping hot bagel on the plate. I decided on putting cream cheese on it, so I started walking over to the fridge. Feeling a shot of cold air, I opened the fridge and reached for the cream cheese. 


  Cream cheese in hand, I grabbed a butter knife and opened the lid. Bad idea. It smelt horrid! Like curdled milk, but worse... so ,so ,so much worse! I nearly gagged while rushing to throw it out! I guess it's butter for me! Today is NOT a good day! I finished up eating my bagel, and grabbed my coat and bag from the coat rack in one swift motion. I slipped on my nude pumps and turned around and then WHOOSH! I was falling! I caught myself on the floor, hard, in a sort of a push-up position.Confused, I looked around to see what had caused my little fumble, only to find the culprit was my brand new pair of pumps... the ones I was wearing. The heel had snapped off the back as I turned around! "Some day this is turning out to be!" I grumbled angrily as I slipped into some black flats. 


   The strong scent of coffee hit me like a wave, mixing with scents of pastries and donuts along the way when I opened the door. I had been here before, but the sheer elegance of the place never ceased to amaze me! It was just all so crisp and neat, with touches of elegant victorian times here and there, in all the right places. "Still awestruck, are we?" I hear a chuckling Dwight say behind me. 

"Yeah..."  I admitted, frankly a bit embarassed. 

 "Haha, don't worry about it! It seems to have that effect on everyone!" Dwight chuckled.

"Well, it IS strikingly beautiful!" I gushed.

"Well, thank you! I do try to keep it that way!" Dwight responded. I had only been working for him for 5 minutes and I could tell that I was going to have a pleasant experiance. He was just so lively and animated! We carried on our conversation until a girl with medium length hair bounded up to us in her 6 inch stilettos, which were probably a gift from "Daddy". 

"You must bee the new trainee!" She said with so much cheer it made me want to barf. "I'm Brandi!" She continued i her high, nasally voice. Ugh, just another plastic barbie doll. Her boobs probably aren't even real. I know that perfect smile of her`s sure as hell ain`t natural. I faked a smile anyways, and accepted her handshake.

"I'm Selena." I responded, faking a smile. As she shook my had, I got the feeling that this bitch has it in for me.



 AN: I just cannot express how sorry I am guys! I know I havn`t written in forever, but honestly, I have had SO much homework, and I have to put that first. This weekend I only had to do some revision on my english piece so I was finally able to find time, but yeah. SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry guys! Hopefully I will be able to update next weekend too! I love you guys so much for staying with me even though I just kinda went MIA for a few weeks! Haha! Keep on reading, writing and living, and once again, SO sorry! (Also, sorry of this chapter kinda sucks, I wanted to at least give you guys SOMTHING to read XD )     -XXX, Mary <3


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