Safe Haven

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7. Brandi


NOTE: I changed the co-worker's name to Brandi, just so we can avoid any confusion :) 

Hesitantly, I turned towards little miss plastic as Dwight resumed his management duties. Brandi gave him a smile that had 'fake' plastered all over it, she even tossed in a little wave. Ugh. As soon as Dwight vanished out of sight, she spun on her heel, giving me a quick whiff of her fruity perfume. "Now you listen to me, new girl." She said sternly, waving her finger in my face. "This, this is MY territory. I happen to know a little something, this place, is where ALL the celebrities come to buy their coffee, and you are NOT getting in the way of me meeting... sigh... Reid Hawken." The anger vanished from her face and she gushed saying his name. I kind of liked this side of her. She seemed... not as fake. It was sort of nice.  "So STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" Her face quickly turned from gushing to intimidating, with her hands clenched and her finger in my face. 

"And if I don't?" I challenged, placing my hand on my hip. Brandi leaned in closer, and narrowed her eyes. 

"I'll get even." She responded, her voice strong and clear. 

"Whatever, Bitchi." I smiled as I mumbled her new nickname to myself, turning as if to step away, but Brandi stopped me.

'What did you just say?" She demanded from behind me.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." I responded, turning away. Her icy blue eyes were fixed on me, in a glare. I could feel it, even though I was long gone. She was really obsessed with this Reid Hawken guy, whoever he is. I have never understood fan girls. I've always hated them! They're just so annoying and possessive! 

I noticed a fairly muscular guy trying to flag me down, so I rushed over to take the order. The odd thing was that he was wearing sunglasses... indoors. It was a bit out of the ordinary, but I just brushed it off and didn't worry about it. Brandi had told me that alot of famous people eat here, and if this guy was famous, I didn't want to ruin his morning.  "Hello sir, are you ready to order?" I pipped.

"Oh, yes, um, I guess I'll take the-" His eyes were fixed on something in the distance, he lifted up his arm to point, but it was too late. I was struck by a fuming Brandi! She pushed me to the side, just hard enough that I stumbled a little bit before catching myself.

"I'm so sorry about that, Mr. Hawken. May I call you Mr. Hawken?" Brandi butted in.

"No, but you may call me annoyed. I hate being ambushed my fans in public." He said in an irritated tone. He pushed past Brandi and walked out. The bell let out a little 'Ding'. As soon as it did, I had a feeling I was in for it. Brandi tensed up, twitching a bit. 

"You. Run. Now." She demanded.

"No, that's what you get for ambushing me, and ruining his day!' I retorted, glaring at her. 

"I told you, Selena. I told you that he was MINE." Brandi said, kind of like those stereotypical high school 'queen bee's' that you see on TV, except real. 

'Whatever." I decided to just walk away rather than deal with S.S. Crazy Barbie. That girl is destined to sink one of these days,badly, painfully and slowly. And I couldn't wait until she did. 


AN: Sorry this was so short, this is just sort of a look into the crazy possessive girl that is Brandi. Or S.S. Crazy Barbie,, whatever you wanna call her ;) I'm just glad to give you guys something to finally read! Once again, sorry about the sucky short chapter, love you guys! Keep reading, writing and shining! <3 XXX 

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