Safe Haven

Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope



1. Application day

I sat at the dining room table filling out my job application form. I finished signing my name at the bottom and looked at it for a moment. I admired the elegance of my cursive, the loops and swags that spelled my name, Selena. I sat back in the chair, embracing the warm glow of the sunlight comming in from the kitchen window, overlooking the city. I had finally made it on my own. Well... sort of. Im in my own appartment at least. Getting a job to pay for ot myself will be my final step of the journey to adulthood. I breathed in a sigh of satisfaction. I do miss my parents, but I also like having my own space, without someone - *cough* mom *cough* - always nagging me.

Just then, I hear my phone go off. I check who it is. Its my best friend,Lynne. Lynne and I have been best friends ever since we went to summer camp in grade two together. We met there and started hanging out in school all the time, she's basicly the sister I never had. I looked at the text:
L> Heyy girly! Sup?
S> Hey Lynne! NM, just finished filling out my job app form
L> Oh, cool! When do you have to drop it off?
S> 12:00
L> Uh, Selena?
S> Oh God, what is it Lynne?
L> Thats in 15 mins...
S> SHIT! G2G Lynne!
L> *facepalm* Thank god you have me to keep your head screwed on straight

I read the last one while jumping up and down to put my jeans on and typed a one-handed response while grabbing my keys and purse.

S> Hasa, vwry finny -_-

Oops! Thats why you dont text with one hand. I could just picture Lynne shaking her head, smirkig at my stupid mess-up. I snatched the form and its envelope off the kitchen table, slipped on my nude flats and ran to the car like my life depended on it, the really awkward ballet flat version of running, that is. I ran towards my car as fast as i could, with my over the shoulder bag bouncing awkwardly at my hip, keys dangling off my right hand, and my phone and forms making some sort of awkward fan in my left.

I quickly let the keys on my right finger drop and i caught them in mid air. I turned them around in my hand and unlocked the door to my silver prius, my 16th birthday gift from mom and dad. I plopped down in the seat and heard the leather seat let out a small whoosh as i sat down. I sat my little awkward fan down in the passenger side. I took my bag out, and tossed it beside them. Just to organize a bit, I tossed my phone into my bag, and slipped the form into its envelope, smiling as I caught a wiff of that "new paper smell."

A/N: Hey! What do you guys think? Im always open to advice and ideas on how to make this better, just keep in mind i wont use very many ideas because i already have this movella planned and I have a list of what happens in each chapter, but im still open to any feedback, just remember im a human, with feelings XD
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