Safe Haven

Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope



6. AN: Stay tuned!

Hey guys, Im SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO *breath* SO SO SO sorry I hav'nt been updating! I completly forgot, I hope none of you have abandoned this story! I understand if you kinda gave up on it though, but anyways, back to the point, even though I'm kinda busy with heritage fair, a talent show comming up and church stuff, I'm also on easter break :3  So that means nights spent awake. Which means I'll finally be able to write without my parents comming in and getting nosy XD  So anyways, stay tuned for a likely update in 1-2 days maybe :3 Once again, SO sorry, I love you all, keep reading, writing and shining XXX

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