Safe Haven

Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope



4. AN, sorry! Please read though!

  Hey guys! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry I haven't been able to update in FOREVER!!! I've been crazy busy with school, fun times, eh? Lol, anyways, I have a ton of homework I have to get done this weekend!  I Have: Science fair, an english persuasive piece I haven't even started, and a music culture project I need to have imformation for by monday. So IF I'm able to finish all that tomorrow (Which I think I may be able to pull off, just for my fans) I MAY write a new chapter on sunday. I SAID MAY.... Dont get your hopes up TOO high... sowwry guys. But, even if I can't update this weekend, I'm going to try to finish science fair tomorrow, so that'll leave me next weekend (hopefully) free for updating :)

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