They Don't Know About Us

Have you ever felt like you where the luckiest girl alive? But was ruined by a few simple people? Well, welcome to my life. This is a story about me and my best friend Kaitlyn. We have a secret. A big secret. Not even our parents know, well, until now and they have aplan to do something about it. Something that could ruin theirs and theirs daughters lives. Will they do it? Or are they second guessing?


4. Why me ?

*My POV*
"Uhh, yeah sure. Lemme ask my brother first. We are leaving the airport now." I said smiling.  "Okay, love." He said in his seductive Irish accent. "Hey uh Matt, I'm gonna hangout with Niall this afternoon. Okay?" I said walking over to him. "Uh, Haley. I want to meet the boy before you to go off and have sex." He said putting his bags into the trunk. I choked on my spit. "What?! We aren't going to have sex, Matt. I just met him." I said blushing. "I had sex with Maddie when I first met her." Matt said closing the trunk. "Matt, that's too much information!!" I said getting into the car. He just laughed. "Hey, Niall. We can hangout tonight. Just meet me at my house. I'll text you the address later. Okay?" I said smirking at Matt. He just gave me 'the look'. I know that look meant I'm in trouble or he is going to tell mom. "Okay. I'll see you later. Bye, Love." He said on the other end of the line. "Bye, Nialler." I said seductively to get on Matt's nerves. It's working. I hung up the phone. I just smiled at him. "Well, uh, Haley. If you are gonna have sex with him, please use protection!." Matt said uncomfortable. "Matt, I'm 17. I'm not gonna have sex with him!! Plus he is 19! So I'm not going to!" I said yelling a bit. "Woah! He is 19?! He is an adult! You're a minor! There is no way in hell you are going out with him Haley!" Matt Yelled. "Says who?!" I said yelling back. "ME! And you know dad wouldn't except it!" Matt yelled loudly. I just looked at him. "Well I'm going out with Niall tonight. And i don't care if you like it or not. It's not your decision to make. It's mine!." I said. He looked at me surprisingly. I just turned on the radio. 'Does, Niall Horan from One Direction have a new lover? He was seen kissing a girl on the cheek at Nandos. Could they be the next power couple? Now on with some music. They are big. They are known worldwide. They are One Direction." They where singing 'Little Things'. I started humming to it about. I finally pulled into the drive. Mom was home. Matt quickly jumped out of the car. I just rolled my eyes. I quickly ran in. "Mom! Haley is going out with a 19 year old!" Matt told my mom as soo as I walked in. I gave him wide eyes. "Haley, is this true?" My mom asked calmly. "Mom, he is really sweet. He is adorable. He has those blue eyes that I just get lost in. He has the attractive Irish accent that you can't say no to. He is so sweet. I've never met anyone like him before." I said dazzing off a bit.
*Kaitlyn's POV*
We broke apart and I realized it was my dad who caught us. "Kaitlyn! Who is this dude!" My dad yelled. I didn't say anything. "He's uh, my boyfriend." I said shaking a bit. "Kaitlyn! What have I told you about dating!!" My dad yelled. "Dad, he isn't what he looks like. He had those beautiful green eyes. That broad British accent. He is a really sweet boy." I said looking at Harry. "I really love him dad." I said looking at my dad. "Kaitlyn! I said no!" My dad yelled. "Dad, please!" I pleaded. "I said no! You need to leave now Harry. Come near my daughter again. I'll call the cops. Do you understand me?" My dad said opening the door. I started to well up a bit. "Yes sir. I understand Sir. Bye Kaitlyn. I'll always love." Harry said kissing me on the forehead. Then walking out the door. That's it. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I just bursted into tears. I felt like my world had just came crumbling down. "I hate you! I wish you weren't my father!" I said running into my room, locked my door, and started crying again. "I gotta call Haley." I said to myself. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number.
Haley: Hello?
Me: Hey
Haley: What's wrong? Are you crying?
Me: Yeah.
Haley: What's wrong?
Me: Harry asked me to be his girlfriend and my dad found out
Haley: Oh my gosh!! Are you okay??
Me: No!!
Haley: Want me to come over?
Me: No. Can I come over and stay with you a bit?
Haley: Yeah, sure. Com on over.
Me: Thanks Haley. I owe you big time.
I said before hanging up. I packed my bag and I stuffed it full. I quickly ran out of my room and ran to my car before my dad would catch me. I got away. Yes!

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