They Don't Know About Us

Have you ever felt like you where the luckiest girl alive? But was ruined by a few simple people? Well, welcome to my life. This is a story about me and my best friend Kaitlyn. We have a secret. A big secret. Not even our parents know, well, until now and they have aplan to do something about it. Something that could ruin theirs and theirs daughters lives. Will they do it? Or are they second guessing?


1. Where it all began

"Baby your a firework, c'mon show me what your worth!" Kaitlyn sang. "Beautiful!!" I said, making her smile. "Stop lying!" She said smiling like any idiot. "I'm not lying. I have no reason to lie to you. If you stunk at singing, I would tell you. But you have a beautiful voice!" I said truthfully. "Your turn!" She said handing me the mic. "God gave me you for the up's and down's." I sung. After hours of playing Rock Band, we went up to my room. "I'm tired, Haley." Kaitlyn wined. "Me too, Kaitlyn, Me too. But we gotta finish our homework." I said. We both busted out laughing. "Haha, Night Kaitlyn." I said going to putting on my PJ's. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. "Ahhh! Nice and fresh!" I said spitting out the mouthwash. I quickly ran into bed. "Tomorrow is gonna be a good day. I hope." I said before closing my eyes. I woke up to the sound of my alarm. "Ugh!" I said getting out of bed. I hopped into the shower. When I got out, I woke Kaitlyn up. "Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn." I said softly. I bent over and yelled in her ear, "Kaitlyn! Wake up!" She jumped out of bed. "Haley! You know I hate that." She said angry. "Well, you wouldn't get up. Now go get in the shower." I said walking over towards my dresser. By the time I got my uniform and make up on, Kaitlyn was out of the shower. She kept an extra uniform here in case she stayed the night on a school night. I went into the bathroom and scrunched my hair. "You have pretty blue eyes and blonde hair." I heard my mom say standing in the doorway of my bathroom. "Thank you mama." I said hugging her. "You get your blue eyes and blonde hair from your dads side. They are all Irish and Italian." I just smiled. "I just miss daddy, mama." I said hugging her tightly. "I know sweetheart. You, Cee-Jay, and Matt are all I have left of him." She said kissing me on the forehead. Kaitlyn came into the bathroom. "I'm sorry to bust your bonding bubble, but we are about to be late for 1st period." I ran out of the bathroom. I grabbed my books, jacket and my phone. We ran out to my car and we drove it seems like a 100 mph. "I swear to God, if I see Hannah and her posy, I'm gonna punch them all in the face!" Kaitlyn said frustrated. "I'll help you!" I said trying to make her fell better. "Good!" She throwing her head back. Kaitlyn had pretty dirty-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She could get any guy she wanted if she tried hard enough. Me on the other hand, I couldn't get a guy to save my life. I just sighed. I pulled into the school parking lot. The bell hasn't rang yet, thank God! "Hey Kaitlyn, wanna go to Starbucks after school? So we can study and grab a cup of coffee?" I asked her walking to our lockers. "Uhh, sure." She said quietly. She was quite at school and really loud at home. Hannah and her posy walked up to us. "Oh look, it's Kaitlyn. Did you get rid of your herpes yet?" Hannah asked. "Dammit Hannah I'm sick and tired of you and your stupid posy picking on her! Do us all a favor and leave us the hell alone." I said slamming my locker. "Oh and it's the mentally over protective best friend." Hannah said laughing. I just rolled my eyes and I pulled Kaitlyn's arm and she followed me. "Kaitlyn, don't listen to them. Okay? They are just jealous of your beauty. And if anyone had herpes, it's Hannah. She's slept with half of London." I said walking to Spanish. She just laughed. Luckily, me and Kaitlyn had every class together. Since I'm taller than Kaitlyn, I sat behind her. We took our notes on Molas and then took our test. By the time we finished taking the test, 1st period was over. The rest of the day drug on and on and on! The we got to 7th period English. This class was real boring! I didn't listen in this class. I already knew all this stuff, so why pay attention? When 7th period was over I went to my locker to put all my books up and grabbed all my books I needed. Kaitlyn was the last one out of 7th period. By the time she got to her locker, the hallway was pretty much cleared. She put all her books in and grabbed the ones she needed and we walked to my car in silence. Luckily Starbucks wasn't that far away. When we got there, we went to go order our drinks. "I'll have a Chi Tea." I said "And I'll have a coffee with milk and sugar." Kaitlyn said. "Okay that'll be $6.97" The women at the register said. I handed her $7. "Keep the change." I said smiling. She handed us our drinks. I walked over to our table and Kaitlyn grabbed a few napkins. Someone bumped into her a split her coffee all over her. "Watch it!" She snapped. The boy with curly brown her and Emerald green eyes looked at her in aw. "Oh I'm sorry. I shouldn't of yelled." Kaitlyn said wiping the coffee off of her uniform. "I am so sorry! Let me pay for a new coffee and dry cleaning. It's the least I could do." The boy said to her. "No it's fine. The only person you need to pay back is my friend. She bought the coffee." Kaitlyn said smiling. "Haha. Oh I'm Harry by the way"Harry said reaching out to shock her hand. Kaitlyn just stood there for a few seconds. "Oh, I'm Kaitlyn and that girl in the corner over there, with her nose in the book is my best friend, Haley." Kaitlyn said shaking his hand back. "Go meet her. She's really nice and loud." Kaitlyn said laughing. Harry and Kaitlyn walked over to corner of the room. "What the hell happened to your uniform?" I asked. "Umm Harry bumped into me and I split my coffee on my shirt. This is Harry. Harry this is Haley." Kaitlyn said sitting down. "Nice to meet you Haley." Harry said. "You too." I said smiling. "Well I gotta run. The boys are waiting in the bus." Harry said getting up to leave. "Oh Kaitlyn, may I have your number so we can hangout sometime?" Harry asked her. "Sure. Here it's 234-854-9760." "Thanks! Bye, love." He said walking out the door. 

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