They Don't Know About Us

Have you ever felt like you where the luckiest girl alive? But was ruined by a few simple people? Well, welcome to my life. This is a story about me and my best friend Kaitlyn. We have a secret. A big secret. Not even our parents know, well, until now and they have aplan to do something about it. Something that could ruin theirs and theirs daughters lives. Will they do it? Or are they second guessing?


3. This could end it all

I drove to the airport to pick up Matt. I got out and waited for his plane to land. I got a text from a random number saying 'From 767-859-9483: Hey It was nice meeting you today !! Your friend thinks I like you. Crazy right? Oh btw this is Niall xx' "Wow! Typically Niall!" I said mumbling under my breath. "Who's Niall?" Someone said behind me. "Matty!!!!"I yelled running to give him a hug. "How is my baby sis?" He said hugging me back. "Good, I guess!" I said letting him go from his hug. "Now, who is Niall?" Matt asked. he has always been over protective over me. "Nobody! Some kid I just met. He is in this band, called One Direction. Jeez! Haha it's not like I'm ever gonna date him. Plus I got my eyes on someone!" I said biting my lip. "Who?" Matt demanded. "He is an actor. His name is Thomas Dekker. He plays in 'The Secret Circle'. He is so adorable!!" I said smiling. "Okay, Haley enough boy talk! But I wanna meet this Niall kid!!" Matt said joking. I hope. "So you like Thomas Dekker aye?" I heard a voice. Matt hear it too. I looked at my phone and I had butt dialed Niall. "You heard all of that?!" I asked kind of yelling a bit. "Yup!! But if you wanna meet Thomas Dekker if you want." He said, sounding like he is eating. "Really? That would be a dream come true, but I don't know. He may be a jerk." I said looking at the ground. "Why are you looking at the ground?" He said through the phone. "Ho-how did you know that?" I asked him. "I can tell by the way you where talking." He said. "Oh." I said. "Wanna hangout this afternoon?"
*Kaitlyn's pov*
"So Kaitlyn, I'm about to head out. Wanna ride home?" Harry asked me. "Uh sure." I said smiling. Why does he have to be so cute? But he is dating Taylor Swift? Why? Why her? I mean she's pretty, but she isn't dating material. Harry opened the door for me. "Thanks." I said climbing in. "Your welcome." He said closing the door. He is such a gentlemen. Harry got into the car. He cranked the engine. "So for all you directioners out there, Haylor is official over! Taylor sent a text to Harry that was supposed to go to her former ex Connor Kennedy. How do all you Haylor shippers feel about this?" Said the man on the radio. Harry quickly cut it off. He pulled out of Nandos. "Where do you live?" Harry asked me "Uhh, 7887 Royal Oak dr." I said. We sat awkwardly in silence. After 10 mins he finally pulled into my driveway. "Nice house." He said. I just smiled. "Wanna come in? I don't think anyone is home." I asked "Uhhh, sure." he said taking off his seat belt and turned off the car. As soon as we walked into the house Harry said, "I have to show you something." I looked at him weird. "Uh what?"  I asked. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me. "I love you Kaitlyn. Please go out with me." He said between kisses. I smiled. "Sure." I said smiling as he kissed me. Someone cleared their throat. Me and Harry broke from out little make out session and it was...........

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