They Don't Know About Us

Have you ever felt like you where the luckiest girl alive? But was ruined by a few simple people? Well, welcome to my life. This is a story about me and my best friend Kaitlyn. We have a secret. A big secret. Not even our parents know, well, until now and they have aplan to do something about it. Something that could ruin theirs and theirs daughters lives. Will they do it? Or are they second guessing?


2. Meeting

"Ahhhha! He's so cute Haley!" Kaitlyn said jumping up and down. "But he'll never date me!" Kaitlyn said sadly. "Umm Kaitlyn you just got a hot guys number! He likes you. Promise!" I said sitting next to her. "Now, go get you another coffee." I said handing here $5. She smiled and got up and walked up to the register. I packed my books and waited for her to order her coffee. "Ready?" I asked her. "Yup!" She said happily. I just chuckled. Kaitlyn's phone went of. It was a text . It Read ' From: 755-898-8978 : Hello, love this is Harry from Starbucks. Once again I'm so sorry for spilling the coffee on you. But anyways I was wondering if you and your friend would like to hang out with me and the boys this Friday or whenever you like? xx' She started jumping up and down. She dropped her coffee. "Who is it?" I asked her. "It's Ha-Ha-Harry!" She said squealing. "Kaitlyn calm down! Now what did the text say?" I asked her. She handed me her phone. I read it. "So what are you gonna say back?" I asked her. "Well, first of all I'm gonna ask who the boys are and sure whenever he'd like." Kaitlyn said calming down a bit.
*Kaitlyn and Harry texting*
Kaitlyn: 'Hey Harry. We would love to hangout with you guys, but who are the boys? x'
Harry: 'I'm in a band. One Direction? The boys would love to meet you girls. xx'
Kaitlyn: 'Ohhh!!! I knew you looked familiar!! Well I'm looking forward to meeting them. I don't know about Haley, but I am. (:'
Harry: 'Is she a party pooper? lol I'm just kidding. xx'
Kaitlyn: 'No but she LOVES to eat!! Actually she's heading to Nandos right now to get something to eat. Ah haha! x'
Harry: 'Really? Niall LOVES to eat too! And we are all in Nandos right now! xx'
Kaitlyn: 'Seriously? They would be perfect together! They could eat together! And I guess I'll see you there! x'
Harry: 'They would be cute together. And I'll see you there! xx'
Kaitlyn: 'But Haley is in denial. She don't think she can get a guy. She says she too ugly and crap like that but I know she's beautiful and that's all I care about ahaa(: x'
Harry: 'Awwe aren't you a good friend?? xx'
Kaitlyn: 'Why yes, yes I am! Hey we are pulling into Nandos now. I'll see you there! Bye!!!! x'
*End of Harry and Kaitlyn texting*
We got out of the car and walked into Nandos. I went straight to the register and order something and Kaitlyn walked over to a group of boys.
"Hi! How my I help you?" The lady asked at the register. "Ummm, I'll have a chicken sandwich and a large shake." I said pulling out my card. "Will that be all?" The lady asked. I shook my head 'yes'. "Your total is $5.50." The lady said sweetly. I went to swipe my card when someone said "My I?" "Umm, I got it. But thanks though." I said smiling. "Just put it on my tab." The handsome boy said. "Yes, Mr. Horan." The lady said handing me my food. "Thanks." He said smiling. "C'mon." He said walking in front of me. "Hey! I gotta pay for the food!" I said to him. "Already taken care of." He said "I could of paid for it myself." I said walking towards him. "To late. By the way I'm Niall." He said handing out his hand. "I'm Haley." I said shaking it back. "C'mon! Come sit and meet the rest of the boys." He said directing me towards the table. "I'd rather not." I said lowly. "Why?" He asked curiously. "I have my reasons." I said smartly. "C'mom. Give them a chance." He said giving me a puppy dog look. I groaned. "Fine!' I said sighing. I followed him over to the table. "Everybody, this is Haley." Niall said sitting down. Leaving me the only one standing. "Hey Haley! I'm Eleanor." 1 girl said. "Hey! I'm Danielle." Another girl said. "Hello babe. I'm Perrie." The last girl said. I just smiled. "Oh this is Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn." Niall said. "Haley, sit down." Kaitlyn said. I gave her a look saying 'Thanks for dragging me into this. Payback later' . I sat down. "What was that look?" Liam asked. "Oh trust me, she knows!" I said threw my teeth. "So Haley, tells us about yourself." Eleanor said. "Oh you know the basics. My dad passed away a few years ago. He was in the Navy. My brother is in the Navy and my sister is, well I don't really know. I don't really know her. And I live with my mum. She's a doctor." Everyone gave me a sympathy look. "What?" I asked. "I'm so sorry about your dad." Harry said. "It's fine. I mean crying about him isn't going to bring him back, right?" I said getting teary-eyed. No one said a word. They where all still looking at me. "Uhh, I gotta go. My brother is coming home. I promised I'd pick him up at the airport. Kaitlyn, do you gotta ride home?" I asked. "We'll give her a ride." Harry said. "Okay. Bye." I said walking off. "Hey! I'll walk you to your car." Niall said running. "Uh, thanks?" I said smiling. He just smiled. He walked me out to my car. "Thanks for walking me to my car." I said opening the car door. "Hey, I'm sorry about your dad. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you." He said kissing me on the cheek. I smiled. "Here's my number." He said handing me a sheet of paper. "Bye, Haley." He said. I climbed into the car. He shut the door and waved as I drove off.
*Kaitlyn's POV*
"He soo likes her!" Perrie said. "Oh yeah!" Louis said agreeing. "And she likes him too." I said. "For sure!" Eleanor said. "Who likes who?" Niall said sitting down. "You like Haley and Haley likes you." Harry said. Everyone shot their eye's on Harry. "Opps!!" Harry said blushing. "She likes me?" Niall asked blushing a bit. "Well, I don't know she's in denial. So you'll have to figure It out." I said. "Well what if I don't like her?" Niall asked. "Well you'll be a stupid boy missing out on a wonderful girl. She may seem like a bitch at first but, wait to you get to know her. She's a loving, caring girl filled with insercurites. Plus she's been through a lot. Trust me. Plus she's my bestfriend." I said drinking Haley's shake she left.

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