Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


1. Waking up

                                                 I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I threw on a white-t and jeans , and headed across the street by a old coffee shop to meet up with my friend Nick.Since me and the lads are on break after the Up All Night Tour in America , me and Nick and some of my other friends are heading back to New York for a week or so. I dont expect to do much besides Just hang around the Bright Lights and the sounds of cars beeping.I Opened the door to the coffee shop and I can smell the warm coco and coffee beans in the shop. ''Aye Styles!'' Nick Said , as he stood up from his stool to hug me.We sat down at the counter and drank a cup of tea and chatted about New York and so.It was about 2pm and I left Nick to go head to some stores. I went to get some new Jeans and things I needed to Pack my bag with.As I walk back to my loft , several fans stopped me and asked for pictures. Im still single and I havent found the Lucky one I can say, but I have a vibe that she might be coming soon.Nick is dating a girl Sarah , but she isnt coming with us to New York.I headed to my place and started to pack. Im leaving tomorrow afternoon, and Nick and everyone else will meet up with me tomorrow at the hotel when I get there.I headed on the couch and watched a movie and by the time it was over it was already 10.I jumped into bed and put my phone on the charger . and I was off to sleep.

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