Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


7. Time for Dinner

                                             I went back to my room to get ready for Dinner with Stephanie. I didnt know where to take her so I had to call the expert in food. Niall. I told Niall all about Steph and he was happy for me. I mean me and Steph arent dating we just met yesterday and everything. I finished talking to Niall, and he told me to go to this Fancy Japanese Restaurant on Broadway.

''HARRY: I hope your gunna dress fancy haha x. ''

''STEPH: Awhh manreally ? lol kk ''

                         I finished getting ready. I was wearing a black button down shirt , black pants, and a blue blazer.I rented a Range Rover like I have at home , for 2 days. I went to drive to her apartment building. I stopped to get her flowers at the florist down the block. I knocked on her door ''One Minute'' she called. I smirked waiting outside with the flowers in my hands. She opened the door and smiled grabbing her purse and putting on her shoes. She was wearing a black strapless dress, similar to the one she wore yesterday but different. She was wearing black high heels and her hair was straight with red lipstick and mascara  .''come in '' she said as she went to shut off her tv. Her apartment was nice , you can tell her parents had money to help her with the furniture. She had 2 rooms ,a office, kitchen ,bathroom,and a big living room with the view of the city.  She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek hello. You can tell shes not a shy girl to talk to someone.I walked around her living room and she was getting her things ready before we left.Her living room walls were filled with pictures of her with family and friends. I couldnt help but go into her office, she had all pictures with fashion designs and makeup work.'' you like?'' she walked up behind me as I turned around. ''ya, you did all of this?'' I said looking around. ''Yea, I go to school for this'' she laughed , ''and I also work for makeup and hair too'' she said walking out to leave.She locked her apartment door , and we headed to go down to my car and leave for Dinner/

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