Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


3. Them 2

                                                   I headed into the Pizzeria , Hardly people were there. I got 2 Regular slices, there amazing. I sat down with my food and my phone next to me reading tweets and text messages I had.

             ''@Harry_Styles : Having the BEST PIZZA EVER,THANKS NIALL! x.''

                  I laughed as I tweeted it, and saw fans were freaking out because I was in New York. As I sat there as a young couple about my age 18 came in. The guy didnt look too happy I. He looked at me with like in a Death stare. He was tall and had dark short hair.He was wearing baggy jeans and a leather jacket. The girl was beautiful, she had dark wavy hair and dark eyes. She was wearing heels and a black strapless dress.He grabbed her arm ''Sit Down!'' he yelled into her ear. She sat there terrified about to cry. She looked at me for a second like she was giving me a sign to go help her. The guy looked past me and walk to grab his tray of food. The girl was sitting there watching him eat like an animal. You can see her breathing heavy trying to plan a way to escape from him. He kept looking at me , I turned my head because I didn't want to get involved.I finally finished my meal and went to throw out my water bottle and food. The guy grabbed the girls arm and shoved her out the door entrance,  He pulled her along to a dark block in back of the restaurant  I didn't leave yet, I called Nick to tell him I was heading back to the Hotel.

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