Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


6. The Next day

                                      ''Harry, Harry'' , I opened my eyes to see Steph , tapping me. I groaned. ''What time is it?'' I said sitting up on the bed. '' about 12, I should get going.'' She said walking out of the room. ''Wait'' I said walking out of the room , going after her.''Do you wanna, uhm , like see eachother again?'' I said putting my arm against the couch. ''sure , you want my number or something?'' we exchanged numbers and then she was gone.I felt a big punch in my something. Like I felt I wanted her to stay longer.Someone started to knock on the door fast, I opened it. ''Steph?'' i said confusedly . ''I forgot to tell you thank you for everything. you wanna grab some food later?, like when I look more presentable '' she said , I couldnt stop laughing from her cuteness. She started to blush and erg for an answer. ''Sure , I said'' I couldnt help but smirk. She walked away and I shut the door.

                 I went to meet up with Nick and everyone else.We went bowling , and I gotta say im a good ''ass kicker'' in bowling. We played about 2 games and had burgers. I after told everyone I was going out for dinner with a friend . ''oh lala Styles , whos this lucky one ?'' Nick said laughing and everyone else did too. ''Nah ,nah shes a friend nothing else. shes going through alot so I wanna take her out for dinner'' I said getting nervous. ''ok see ya , mate'' he hugged me bye.  I walked out and I went to text Steph      

   ''Harry: Hey Its Harry, Dinner tonight at 7 ? ill pick you up ,just send me your adress? x :-)''

''Steph: yes deff, its 106 Brave street, my apartment number is 213 . see you later :)''

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