Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


8. That Night

                                                        I opened the door for her, and she sat in the passenger seat. I went into the drivers seat and turned on the radio. *Justin Bieber -Fall*  ''Omg I love this song '' Steph said lip syncing the song. I turned it louder , and I got out of the car and left the door open. ''wait , what are you doing?'' she said confusingly watching what I was doing. I went to open her door. ''would you like to dance?'' I said smirking at her . ''were in the public, parked on the street, and people are looking '' she said whispering. I took her hand ''so !'' I said laughing. We starting slow dancing on the sidewalk, her hands and mine were locked. My other hand was around her waist, and I could feel her touching my curls with her other hand, smiling.People couldnt stop, but stare at what we were doing , in the middle of the sidewalk. We both starting laughing.After the song, we went back into the car and went to the restaurant  We sat at a 2 seated table with a candle on it. We were both 18 so we couldnt drink. We had hot green tea.I couldnt stop staring into her eyes, she probably thought I was crazy.We both ordered Sushi and had fish and salad. All we did was eat,smile ,and talk. After we drove back to her house.

         ''Aye Harry, these are for you'' she tosses me my shirt and shorts. ''I cleaned them dont worry , I dont have my germs on them'' she laughed.We both sat in her living room and goofed around.I went to take my shorts and shirt, and hug her goodbye.''wait ,  you dont wanna stay?'' she said still sitting on the couch.It was kind of weird she asked me that, when were not dating.''Uhhh I dont know'' I said awkardly. ''comeon, we can play scrabble and watch movies!!'' she said grabbing my hand pulling me in the living room. ''ugh fine'' I said giving her a smirk.

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