Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


13. Save Me

                                                Steph was gone for about 10 minutes and I started to worry if she was ok.We all sat at the table silent waiting for her return.

             ( Stephanies POV)

        I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands and fix up my makeup.I

looked down to wash my hands. And when I looked up , I saw him . Mike . He grabbed my mouth from in back of me. He threw me on the ground. ''GET OFF !'' I screamed , crying . Trying to get away, but the door was locked. ''YOU CUNT'' he shouted as he threw me against the sink, and i hit my mouth on the side. My mouth started to bleed. He grabbed my back and started to throw punches left and right. ''I TOLD YOU , I WASNT DONE WITH YOU. YOU BITCH'' he grabbed me and slapped my face.By the time he kept going , I was done.I screamed and screamed calling Harry, Begging Harry to save me . But he didnt hear 

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