Abused ( A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles from One Direction , is on break visting some friends in New York City. As he arrived in New York , he stops something that can change his life...


12. Double Date

                            I went to drop off Steph at her place because she had to get ready for dinner with Nick and Sarah.I went back to my room and I went to tweet before I headed into the shower.

                        ''@Harry_Styles : Double Date Tonight with @Stephanie010 @NickGrimshaw__ @Sarah2323 haha x. :)'' , I then went to go into the shower . And I got dressed in a white button down , a Black Jacket and pants. I pushed my curls back with my hands , and Grabbed my keys and left to pick up Steph. I walked to the parking lot of the Hotel to get the Range Rover I was renting. ''Aye '' I heard someone call me .I turned around and I saw the   .. the guy who hit Stephanie. I got a flashback of what happened that night. I gulped and Ignored him. I hopped into the car , and drove away. I saw him on the corner of my eye, sitting in his car. Like he was waiting to see if I was with her.I drove nervously, kept checking my mirror if he was following me, but he wasnt.

I locked my car, and went into the apartment building to pick up Steph. I knocked on her door, and this time she didnt say one minute.She was wearing a tight white dress with her back opened. She had her hair straight with black flower stud earrings and black heels with diamonds on them.She had just mascara with lipgloss and a little black eyeshadow. She looked absolutely  amazing,as always.    She leaned in to kiss me hello, and she grabbed her bag and locked her door. ''I missed you '' she said holding my hand as we walked to enter the elevator to go back to my car. I grabbed her waist , and began to kiss her .I laughed and we both let go, as the elevator opened. We went into the car , and there were paparazzi shouting at me , whos this ''mystery girl'' I ignored them , and drove off. Steph started to laugh at the fact they called her Mystery Girl. We both walked into the French restaurant holding hands, and went to meet up with Nick and Sarah. ''Shes gorgeous '' I heard Sarah whisper into Nicks ear as we went to greet them.Stephanie introduced herself , and they already seemed to like her. Stephanie sat next to me, and Nick and Sarah sat across. We laughed, ate and talked about eachother. We were all there for about 2 hours already talking and talking. ''Excuse , I need to go to the ladies room'' she said as I took my arm around her chair.She smiled and left.                             




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