More Than Life

A seemingly perfect love story, broken by jealousy, lies, and secrets.
More Than Life, a Niall Horan Fanfiction

© myirishhusband 2013


16. PART 2 - The Beginning of the Beginning

     "Alanna?" Niall asked me. He was standing in the doorway to my room. All the lights in the house were off. I found a note taped to my door-

                    Lana- we've all gone on vacation, since you did, too, no one will be home for the next week or so. If you're reading this, you've most likely decided to come home early, so I'm sure Niall will be here to stay with you- but don't make any mistakes you two would regret. Love you. Signed, Mom, Rae, and Beckett.

     "Yeah Niall?" I responded, flicking the Christmas lights, that hung around my room, on.

     He remained there, his right shoulder rested against the door frame, his left hand clutching our two backpacks. "Are you sure you're ready?" 

     Niall walked over to me,  dropped the bags at our feet, and put his hand on my arm. 

     The touch of his rough fingertips brought back memories of the hospital, when I first met Niall.


      "She's waking up" Niall's voice rang. 

     My nurse responded - "Alright. We're almost there." 

    After the flashing lights above me stopped, I became more aware of what was happening. My side ached, stung, and throbbed. Niall stopped me from touching my wound, "Don't touch it." he said. The whole month or so in the emergency hospital, Niall cared for me, making sure I was comfortable and always feeling well, never leaving my side.

     "Who... are you?" I questioned, watching his crooked smile widen/ 

     "I'm Niall." his soft, friendly voice responded. "I saved you, when the truck struck you."

    "Thanks." I coughed up blood, but Niall quickly aided me. 

    There was silence, for a while. Niall just gazed at me, his blue eyes gleaming in the light coming from the window. 

    "I'm Alanna."

     (End of Flashback)

     "I'm sure." I nodded, watching as his now braced-face smile widen. 

     Niall giggled, and he grasped my hips, pulling me into his front.

     "Babe," I moaned, feeling him go hard.

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