More Than Life

A seemingly perfect love story, broken by jealousy, lies, and secrets.
More Than Life, a Niall Horan Fanfiction

© myirishhusband 2013


9. Not Ready

Alanna's POV


    I feel into a trance in Niall's arms. The way he held me. Niall swept my legs up and carried me over to my twin-sized bed. I knew what was coming, yet I didn't know if I was ready. He had never taken me out, not even asked me out. Although, we both knew that we had somehow become each other's other half. 

   I lay on my bed, on my back, staring up at Niall, whom was mounted over me. My hands led themselves up to his chest, and I allowed them to stay there, on his muscular chest. His hands wandered to my abdomen, and slipped under my shirt. They felt their way through and found their way to my chest.

   I sat up and moved his hand out from my shirt. "I'm not ready." I insisted.

   Niall nodded, respecting my words, and laid down beside me. I slipped into his arms and we fell asleep, our warm bodies against each other.

   "Goodnight," he whispered.

   "I love you, Niall. Don't leave, tonight"

   "I won't."


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