More Than Life

A seemingly perfect love story, broken by jealousy, lies, and secrets.
More Than Life, a Niall Horan Fanfiction

© myirishhusband 2013


13. Never

     He didn't climb into my car, after we exited the sliding glass doors of the airport. Instead, he turned to me, and looked at me dead in the eye, silent. His eyes gleamed in the orange, disappearing sunlight. 

     We parted our two separate ways, and it hurt knowing that I wouldn't get to spend my summer with him. I listened to the rhythmic taps on the old, dirty cement, of each step he took. He was going North, as I went West. He and I knew that his decision, his mistake, was the end of whatever we had been.

     And so he didn't slip into the drivers side of my white sedan. He didn't smile at me before we took off. I would never feel his touch on my knee again, I would never feel as safe again, as safe as I did in his arms. I would never feel the warmth of his embrace, the softness of his lips, or the strad of his hair running through my fingers.

     Never. That word hit me like the truck, and my side ached, ached for Niall, ached for the sound of his tired, late night guitar playing. 

     Never, never again, not one chance. But I needed him, and so I jumped out of my old car, and ran towards him.

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