More Than Life

A seemingly perfect love story, broken by jealousy, lies, and secrets.
More Than Life, a Niall Horan Fanfiction

© myirishhusband 2013


12. Hold Me

*Alanna's POV*


     I ran through the airport, tears streaming from my eyes. I felt like my life had turned into one of those sad romance movies, the ones based off of Nick Sparks or whatever. He had taken my trust, and my heart, and single-handedly just crushed them both. 

     Everyone in the airport stared at me. Who's the girl, right over there, running like a maniac, like a blind woman, they seemed to say, their eyes glaring at my own, with anonymous and new hatred for the girl who had just disturbed their day. 

     I was so busy in my thoughts, and pain, and trying to focus on what was ahead of me (so that I didn't trip and fall), that I didn't notice the two pairs of legs tailing behind me, synchronizing in every step, following me, and hurrying. Finally, they caught up to me, when my legs tired and my heart was racing, my tears now joined by beads of sweat.

     "Niall..." I panted, taking deep breaths between each word. "Why? Why are you here? Why are you following me?"

     The brunette opened her mouth, as if she were about to say something, but quickly realized that she had already done enough, and closed her mouth.

     "Lana, I'm so sorry, I just-" Niall began, shaking his head.

     "No. Don't. You didn't need to follow me. You didn't need to miss your plane. You didn't need to make me fall in love with you. You didn't need to sing to me at 3 in the morning, when I couldn't sleep, even though your voice was raspy and tired. You didn't need to hold my hand when I was in pain. You didn't need to brush my hair out of my face, wipe my tears away, or tell me things were going to be okay, because now they're not."

     Tears fell down my cheeks, and fell drip-by-drip onto the floor. Niall reached his hand out to wipe them away, to dry my cheeks, by I swiped his hand away.

     "You didn't need to make me fall in love with you."

     And so I ran, I continued to run down the airport's endless halls, pushing through crowds. My legs soon gave out, and i fell to my knees, my bare, tan skin pressing into the cold, dirty, airport tiles. I cupped my face, and leaned down to my knees. The sounds of feet returned, but softer, slower steps, and only one pair of feet.

     Someone sat next to me, but I refused to look up. But then I felt strong arms wrap around me, a familiar warmth surrounding me. An intimate touch of a hand stroked my arm, and I instantly knew who it was. Niall. I wanted so bad to run away, so bad to escape his embrace, but I couldn't. I knew that I was safe in his arms, and even for that short while I would be safe. 

     So I let him hold me. We sat on the tile, as people passed around us, around our huddle. I collapsed onto his chest, and sobbed into his heartbeat. 

     "I'm so sorry." he mumbled into my hair, barely audible. 

     "I know." I whispered.

     He nodded, not expecting anything more. And I didn't expect anything either. But the words "me too" slipped out of my mouth. I could feel Niall smile as he nudged my head with his own, cuddling up even closer. 

     But then his hands left my arm, and moved up towards my jawline. Niall lifted my face so that my nose was tilted towards his face. He looked at my red cheeks, and my puffy, makeup-smeared eyes.

     And he kissed me.

     He locked his lips on my own, and shut his eyes tight. I watched him for a moment, my whole body tense and in shock. Then, I relaxed, and fell into his lips, and held his face, kissing him like I hadn't seen him in years.

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