More Than Life

A seemingly perfect love story, broken by jealousy, lies, and secrets.
More Than Life, a Niall Horan Fanfiction

© myirishhusband 2013


4. Hiding Something


     May 12th, 2013

               Dear Diary, It's been eight day since I got in to the hospital, and Niall hasn't left my side. I think the only reason he's staying with me is because he's paranoid that I'll die, or something.  I've recently fallen in love with Niall, he's just so perfect and I love him so much. He obviously has no feelings for me, though. He and I both know that we will stay in the friend zone.  Niall looks and sounds familiar, though. Like, something when I was little...

Wait, Now I remember... when I was seven, I went with a friend to their friend's birthday party in a rather small house. On the inside, however seemed like a mansion. I was told that I could walk around, so I did. When I  headed towards the back of the house, I tripped over something. A blonde immediately came to my side and helped me up. He embraced me in his arms and we stood there for a while.   He had something really strange, like he was hiding something and it was just bulging to come out... That's all I remember, though.


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