Trip of a Lifetime

Rebecca's finally graduated, and her present is incredible. Her parents bought her a trip to California. She loved it over there, the boys, the beaches, the shopping, the tans. But she had two best friends that meant the whole world to her, that she had to leave behind. Could she cope with that? As a huge opportunity approaches her through her favourite band, will she take it? It certainly turns out to be a trip of a lifetime.


5. Room Service.

The journey to the hotel was quiet long. It was about a fourty-five minute drive. The whole band was quiet but asked a few questions here and there. It was nice to meet the rest of them, but it was really good to finally arrive at the hotel.

The boys waited for Paul's direction before filing out of the vehicle. I decided to stay back and keep a low profile until Harry pulled at my hand and dragged me out. The security took care of the luggage while Paul began checking in the boys. I walked over to the desk, ready to check myself only to be pulled back by Harry.

'Don't worry about that, Paul's got it covered.' He smiled.

'What do you mean Paul's got it covered?'

'He got them to upgrade your room so that your closer to us, and the band will cover the extra cost.' He giggled. 'It means I'll be able to get to know you even better.'

'Harry you really didn't have to do that.' I slowly smiled.

Paul walked back over and handed me my key before giving the boys theirs. The boys headed for the elevator while I took the stairs. I preferred the exercise. I walked up three flights of stairs to notice that they didn't continue up any further. I walked down the hall to the elevator and pushed the up button. The doors opened and it just happened to be the same elevator as the boys. All I could do was laugh.

'Why didn't you tell me they only went up three flights?'

'I guess, I forgot. We rarely use the stairs.' he laughed.

The elevator was as fast as I thought it would be, but it got us to the seventeenth floor in no time. We all filed out quickly and continued to walk down the corridor until we found our rooms. Liam, Niall and Zayn shared the 1735, while Paul and the security were across the hall in 1736. Louis and Harry shared the room next to Paul in room 1738, while I had 1737. Everyone filed into their rooms without saying another word. 

The room was amazing. It was like a small little apartment without the kitchen. I dropped my backpack on the floor next to the lounge and walked into the bedroom. The bed was massive. Doing the old cliché thing, I jumped on the bed. It was comfortable too. I had to get up. I really needed to take a shower before I did anything else, but my luggage still hadn't arrive. I walked into the ensuite to notice there was a robe. 

The water quickly pouring out as soon as the tap was turned, I stepped in and the hot water ran down my body, drowning out any worries. The hot steam began filling the glass panels, and my voice broke out in song. I began washing my hair to hear the door open. I continued with my shower thinking it was just my luggage arriving. Once finished washing my hair and cleansing my body, I quickly dried myself before getting into the soft robe that was hanging on the door.

As I exited the bathroom, I saw a figure sitting on my bed. The curls, I knew them from anywhere. It was Harry.

'How did you get a key? Wait don't answer that, Paul.'

'Nice singing by the way.' he smirked.

'You heard that?' my face expressionless. 'Why are you here anyway?'

What, you don't want to see me?' The smirk starting to fade from his face.

'It's not that, I'm just tired and I thought, I thought you would be catching up on sleep before interviews and stuff.' 

'You get used to the jet lag eventually.' he smiled.

I laughed, and laid down on the bed. 

'Your luggage is in the lounge room by the way. They brought it to my room by mistake.'

'Thanks, I should probably change out of this robe.'

'You don't have too, I was just about to leave.'

'Wait, don't go. I'd love it if you stayed.'

'Well, did you want to watch a movie?' 

'That's a great idea. You pick. I'll get changed.' I grinned.

The searching for a comfortable outfit was hard. The suitcase was packed, clothes ended up everywhere. I finally found a comfy pair of pyjama shorts and a baggy tshirt. I stuffed all my other clothes back into my suitcase, before going to change. Harry was already loading the movie into the television as I laid down on the bed. He had picked, Love Actually. 

'Haven't you seen this a million times?' I giggled.

'Yeah, but it's a great movie. Have you seen it?'

'Of course, but not as much as you.' I laughed as he pressed play.

Harry came and laid down next to me after turning the lights off and the aircon on. It was nice. I normally did these things with Lauren and Ryan. We got halfway through the movie before he was asleep with his arms around me. It made me miss them even more. As the movie ended, I text Ryan to see how he was doing. I switched the movie off and pulled the dona up before falling asleep with Harry's arms still around me.


A/N: I'm so sorry this chapter is really short. School has just started again, and being the final year its going to be tough. I would have updated sooner, as I thought that being the first few days I'd come home and have heaps of time, but I've been so tired. School really drains it out of me. I will try and get another update up as soon as possible! Thanks for reading. It really means a lot.

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