Trip of a Lifetime

Rebecca's finally graduated, and her present is incredible. Her parents bought her a trip to California. She loved it over there, the boys, the beaches, the shopping, the tans. But she had two best friends that meant the whole world to her, that she had to leave behind. Could she cope with that? As a huge opportunity approaches her through her favourite band, will she take it? It certainly turns out to be a trip of a lifetime.


3. Flight.

My face must have gone pale white, as I was shaken back into reality by the boy who was sitting next to me.

'Hey love, are you alright?' 

'Umm yeah, I'm fine.' I stuttered.

'You looked pretty pale.' Harry replied.

'Sorry, it's just I'd never thought I'd ever be able to sit next to a famous boy band. I'm quiet shocked they even let me sit in first class with you.' I slowly responded. 

'Well they can't just kick you out, you paid for the ticket. Plus it's the only seat left on the plane.' He grinned.

'I'm Rebecca. I really should have introduced myself first.' I smiled.

'Harry, Harry Styles.' He laughed.

'I know who you are.' I replied while laughing at him.

Harry continued with his charm until dinner came. We we're getting on really well. It was like he was just another human being. He didn't act like I was his fan. He reminded me a lot of Ryan. 

Once I had finished my dinner, I excused before going to change into some sweat pants. The cabin was starting to become quiet cool and the tights weren't doing much. I brushed my teeth and freshened up before heading back to my seat. In the short amount of time I was gone, the flight assistants had bought around pillows and blankets. Harry however was missing. 

The cabin was really quiet. Zayn was asleep, Niall was watching his television, Liam was on his laptop and Louis was no where to be seen. It was quiet strange actually. The rest of the cabin that was filled with their security was all asleep. I decided I would watch a movie. I picked Soul Surfer. I'd never seen it before and it looked the most appealing. 

Harry's P.O.V.

'Someone looks like their getting along well,' Louis said with a cheeky grin on his face.

'I guess you could say that. She's amazing. I know she's a fan, but she doesn't act like it.' A smile slowly drew across my face.

'Just be careful, don't get attached to easily. Our other fans can be brutal, and what if she has a boy back home.' he said in a more serious tone.

'I didn't say I was in love with her! Although, it would be nice to see her more.' I retorted.

'Give her a ticket to our next show. You'd just have to get them from Paul.' 

'Thank's Lou. You really are the romantic one!' I said adding the sarcasm.

'Now c'mon, I wanna meet this girl.' He laughed.

'If you insist.'

Rebecca's P.O.V.

As the movie started playing, I saw the curly haired boy coming back towards his seat only to have a follower. It was Louis. I stood up to let Harry through only to be greeted with a massive grin from Louis.

‘Louis Tomlinson, it’s nice to meet you.’ He said as he held out his hand.

‘Rebecca. It’s great to meet you too; it actually feels like a dream.’ I said as I shook his hand.

And with those words, he pinched me.

‘Ow, what was that for?’

‘To prove that it isn’t a dream,’ he laughed.

‘Thanks’ I responded unsure.

‘Your welcome, I just thought I should come and meet the girl sitting next to my best friend. Anyways, I should really get back to my seat before the flight attendants decide to come and yell at me.’ He laughed as if it had happened before.

‘It was really nice to meet you!’ I said quickly before he left.

‘You too.’ He said as he raced back to his seat.

I moved into a more comfortable position before starting to place my headphones back into my ears.

‘Whatcha watching?’ he mumbled.

‘Soul Surfer, wanna join?’

‘If you don’t mind,’

I handed him another set of headphones and plugged them in. I moved the screen so he could see it better and hen he was ready, I pressed play. As the shark took Bethany’s arm, the tears started to roll down my face. Harry had noticed, as he was pulled out a packet of tissues from his pocket.

‘Thanks’ I whispered.

‘It’s alright, I knew it was coming.’

As the movie continued to play, I could feel my eyes becoming heavier and heavier with each blink. It wasn’t long before my eyes couldn’t take it anymore and I was asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

The movie was only an hour into it before she had drifted off to sleep. I gently removed the head phones from her tiny ears and turned the movie off. I placed the television back into the armrest before placing her headphones into the pocket of the seat. I pulled out my stashed dona from underneath my seat and placed it over her thin, lengthy body. She looked beautiful. I sat pack into my seat after pulling off my plane white t-shirt. I left my pants on, not wanting to risk it with Rebecca sitting next to me. I pulled the dona over myself and started to close my eyes, as Rebecca started to stir. Soon enough though, she was back to sleep, and for once I was happy. I drifted off into a deep sleep not having a worry in the world.

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