Trip of a Lifetime

Rebecca's finally graduated, and her present is incredible. Her parents bought her a trip to California. She loved it over there, the boys, the beaches, the shopping, the tans. But she had two best friends that meant the whole world to her, that she had to leave behind. Could she cope with that? As a huge opportunity approaches her through her favourite band, will she take it? It certainly turns out to be a trip of a lifetime.


2. First Class.

After hours of endless shopping, it was finally time to go home. I'd gotten everything I need and even managed to buy a few things for Lauren and Ryan. The car ride home was slightly awkward from times to times, but I knew it was coming. 

Halfway home, the awkwardness subsided as One Directions hit song Kiss You started playing. Lauren and I started singing and dancing like crazy while Ryan was yelling at us to turn it off. Ryan hated them, he thought they were just a stuck up band that only cared about the money. Lauren and I didn't care, we loved them either way.

As we neared Lauren's house, we quickly stopped so she could grab her overnight back and then continued on our way. Once inside my house, I ran upstairs and placed all my shopping bags on the bed. I pulled out my suitcase and began to pack. Ryan and Lauren followed and turned on the television.

When I had finally finished placing everything in the suitcase, we decided to watch a movie. Ryan picked while Lauren and I made popcorn. I made sure to add the maltesers to the popcorn while Lauren grabbed some drinks and headed back upstairs. Ryan had picked Ted and we laughed through the whole movie. As the movie finished, I quickly ran downstairs with the empty utensils and placed them in the dishwasher. When I got back upstairs, Ryan and Lauren were already asleep. I quietly pulled the cover up over them before hopping onto my side. Ryan moved slightly before wrapping his arms around me. I was safe with them. 

The sun rose and I was awoken to the smell of pancakes. Dad was at it again, cooking the best food. Ryan was already awake and downstairs. Lauren however was a completely different story. She was still fast asleep. I ran downstairs and left Lauren sleep as we ate. She wasn't that much of a morning person.

I finished my breakfast off and went upstairs to take a shower. I had picked out some British flag painted tights and a baggy t-shirt. I finished in the shower and quickly got dressed before I was greeted at my bathroom door. 

'Oh hey Ryan.' I smiled.

'Well someone smells nice, but looks even better.' he smirked.

'It's just something I threw on.' I giggled. 'We should go.'

'Yes, we should. I wouldn't want you to miss your flight.'

'Me neither.'

Ryan carried my bag to the car while I grabbed the rest of my things. I said goodbye to my house for who knows how long before I closed the door. This was it, I really was going. The car ride was long, longer than it should have been. 

As we arrived at the airport, there was paparazzi everywhere. The whole terminal was a frenzy. There was television crews, cameras, security guards and screaming girls everywhere. Great, just what I needed. I headed over to the check in area while everyone else went to find some food. I checked in my baggage and got my ticket before going to find the others.

Ryan was already stuffing his face as I found him and sat down at the table. He was always like that, he couldn't wait to tuck in. As Lauren and my parents sat down, I had decided what I wanted to eat before going to get it. When I got back, everyone was already finished and the screaming girls had made there way over to the food court. I didn't even know why they were here. Once I had finished my meal, we decided it would be best to head to the gate.

After sitting around for about an hour, it was finally time to board my flight. I said good bye to my parents first, as they were the easiest. We shared a group hug, and the tears began to  form in my eyes.

'I'll see you soon and I'll call whenever I can.' I told my parents.

'Stay safe, and call if you ever need anything!' Mum cried.

'I will.'

Lauren was next. I pulled out my gift and handed it to her. The tears were now rolling down my face. We hugged and laughed as she opened the present. It was a small charm bracelet that we had both wanted when we were little. I had gotten one for myself too. 

'Stay safe okay!? And text me all the time. Look out for some cute boys too, I need one!' She said making me laugh.

I hugged her once more before heading over to a Ryan. Instantly he pulled me into a huge hug, tears coming down my face faster. I gave him his present and told him to wait until I was on the plane before he opened it. 

'I'll miss you a lot, call, text whatever, just make sure you do it everyday!' he smiled slightly.

'I promise. Don't forget me while I'm gone, don't find a new best friend!' I laughed.

'I wont.' he replied before kissing me passionately.

I gave him one last hug before I walked towards the gate. It was time. As I walked down the corridor towards the plane, the only thing I could focus on was the kiss. We'd never kissed like that before. We were just friends. I was still on a high as I sat in my seat before I realised who I was sitting next too.

It was Harry Styles. Harry Styles from One Direction. It suddenly hit me, the airport fiasco was all due to One Direction, and they were on my flight. 


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