Trip of a Lifetime

Rebecca's finally graduated, and her present is incredible. Her parents bought her a trip to California. She loved it over there, the boys, the beaches, the shopping, the tans. But she had two best friends that meant the whole world to her, that she had to leave behind. Could she cope with that? As a huge opportunity approaches her through her favourite band, will she take it? It certainly turns out to be a trip of a lifetime.


1. Gifts.

'Bec c'mon get down here already,' my parents yelled.

I never understood why they were screaming at me to hurry up, it's not like I was going to be late. I didn't have photos until 5 and it was only 3. I still had ages to finish getting ready.

'Coming,' I said while at the top of the stairs, still having no idea of what they wanted.

'Yes, what can I help you two with?' I stated sarcastically. 

'How about opening this?'  Dad replied while handing me a present.

I quickly grabbed the present with excitement and began removing the paper carefully. Inside was a brand new Apple Mac Book and what looked like to be a letter. As I opened the supposed letter, a plane ticket flew out. I was off to America, and not just the usual economy class. I was travelling FIRST class. I screamed while giving both my parents huge hugs before heading back upstairs to continue getting ready for my formal.

I'd kept my make-up to a minimum, I really didn't want to wear that much and to be honest I didn't need that much. Lauren was my hairstylist, but not only that, she was also my best friend. She'd been there for me since birth. We had our differences, but our bond was stronger than those. Once she had finished with my hair, she helped me into my dress. 

The dress was beautiful. A one strap Sherri Hill dress. It was amazing and the red colour helped with my tan. Lauren was amazed, and ran down stairs to find her camera. It really was stunning. I finished my outfit with some black dressy heels and a single pearl necklace from Hawaii. 

On my way down the stairs, the doorbell rang. It was my formal partner, Ryan and his mum. He looked stunning. The tux fit him perfectly.

'You look beautiful!' he said looked towards the stairs.

'You don't scrub up that bad yourself!' I quickly replied still taking him in.

The rest of the evening went quickly, the photos, the entrance, the formal itself. The afterparty even went quicker than expected, and didn't it take its tolls the next morning.

The next morning I awoke to a massive headache and arms wrapped around my waist. Oh no, we didn't, did we? I quickly woke my best friend to see if he knew.

'Nah, I doubt it, we're still responsible when we're drunk, well at least one of us is anyway.' he said with a smirk on his face.

'Oh my, I am so sorry. You know how I am when I'm drunk, you should have stopped me.'

'It's okay, I really didn't mind and plus we look out for each other. Plus I'd rather it have been me than some other guys face you were sucking on.'

As I was at the bathroom door, I smiled 'Hey Ryan, I'm glad it was you too.' And with that, he was back to sleep.

He and Lauren will be the hardest to leave. I still hadn't told him I was leaving yet. Lauren knew, but that's because she was there when my parents told me. They we're the only people I could trust with everything. We did everything together. If I wasn't with Lauren, I was with Ryan or we'd all be hanging out together. They really were the best friends anyone could ask for. They'd be the toughest ones to miss.

After I'd taken my shower and washed my hair, I cleaned my teeth before heading down stairs. I was greeted with bacon and eggs. Dad had always known what to cook and when to cook it. Soon enough the whole house was filled with the smell and Ryan came running down the stairs.

'Good morning sleeping beauty' my parents laughed.

'Morning, thanks for breakfast' he giggled.

As we all finished off breakfast, I began to stack the dishwasher, but mum took over.

'Hey Bec, you should start packing. I pulled out the suitcase and put it in your closet.' mum stated with a smile on her face.

'For what?' Ryan piped up after swallowing a mouthful of orange juice.

'She's off to America, I thought she told you.'

All I could do was glare at mum. This wasn't suppose to happen like this, he wasn't meant to find out this way. I was going to tell him! I ran up the stairs and into my room. I closed the door and sat down as the tears welled up in my eyes. I didn't want to have to say good bye to him. 

I pulled out my phone and text Lauren. I needed to get out of the house and I needed some new clothes for America. Ryan was now pounding on my door. With my puffy, red eyes, I slowly opened the door. He quickly pulled me into a massive bear hug and shut the door behind him. We stayed like that for a good five minutes before he spoke.

'Why didn't you just tell me?'

'I don't know, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Mum and Dad only told me yesterday, and I didn't want to ruin the night by saying, hey Ryan, I'm leaving for California in a couple of days.' The tears falling down my face again.

'Hey, it wouldn't have ruined it. It would have made it more special. I value our time together, and so I'm now not leaving you alone until you board that plane!' he smiled proudly.

'That's going to make the goodbye even harder.' 

'It may, but I'm not having you mope around until you leave.'

As he said that, a smile started to form on my face. We drew closer, only to be interrupted by my ringtone. Lauren had text back. 

'Well, if that's going to happen, then you'll have to come shopping with Lauren and myself.' I grinned knowing how much he hated shopping.

'Okay, but give me ten, I need to shower.' 

I giggled as he kissed my cheek and walked into the bathroom. I quickly text back Lauren and grabbed my bag.


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