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Jezabel &' Kristal are 2 normal teenage girl .. she has moved to London to start her career with her best friend they then meet Harry styles &' Niall horan but they don't know that they are in one direction till they get ALOT of death threats &' hate

Will they get through the hate or will they go back to their normal lives?


1. the beginning :)

Jezabel's P.O.V ~

" Hey Jezabel " my best friend Kristal said
" Hey Kristal wassup " I said back to her with a smile .. me &' Kristal been best friends since birth she is like a sister I never had " wanna go clubbing " she said with a smile.. I look at her &' nod " sure " I said back .. oh yeah let me tell you bout my self....

hello I'm Jezabel &' I'm 18 years old I just moved to London 5 weeks ago .. I have brown eyes &' brown curly hair &' I really fun I'm kinda shy &' I'm short but hey that's just me

" okay cool be ready at 9:00 okay see u later I have to go I got to do shopping " Kristal says " okay " I said back. Kristal then leaves &' I start to look through my closest to find what I should wear I then took out a blue dress with pink high heels I then set the down .. I was a bit tired so I took a nap ....

* 4 hours pass *

I wake up &' check the time its 8.20
"Oh shit" I said .. I ran to the bathroom &' took a quick shower &' put on my dress &' heelsi straighten my hair &' went down stairs just as I got there my door bell rang .. I open the door to see Kristal she wearing a shorts black dress with black pumps and a golden heart necklace
" hey you ready " she ask I nod &' grabbed my keys &' headed out

* a few more minutes later*

We are made it &' there was a really big line we wait for what seems like 3 hours the too very Cute boys came up to us

Harrys P.O.V ~

I saw 2 very cute girls &' I had to meet them I told niall to come with me
" hi I'm harry " I said to one of the girls "hi I'm Kristal " she said back .. I loom at her friend " hi I'm Jezabel " she said .. wow she was beautiful " would you want to come in with us " I ask " sure " they both answer so we went in


A/N : sorry I know this suck but I'm new but anyway Im going to make imagine &' stuff so you can write to me I hope you like this story .. I know it sucks but I'll try harder :/

- Jeza xx
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