How death felt...💔

One minute I'm alive and then the next second... BLACK


2. The ring

As soon as I popped on the ring, I let out a wild scream. I was taken to a new land where everything was magical. Luckily Liam was transported to this new land with me.

I quickly made friends with this random person named Stella. She said the this was fantasy world where all dreams come true. "I can't help being suspicious but can you tell what's in that dark creepy house!" I asked with a trembly voice. She replied "Your nightmare. If you go in there, your nightmares come true." "What if I don't have nightmares?" Asked with a smart attitude. "That mean two things. Your either a robot or your not afraid of death," said the woman in a deep voice. "I'm not afraid of death!!" I yelled, " I want to go inside that nightmare house! Tell what will happen to me," I said gasping for breath. "I don't know. You have to find out for yourselves!"

"I will!," I said with a powerful voice (like I was about to kill someone!��)
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