How death felt...💔

One minute I'm alive and then the next second... BLACK


1. How it all began

'Shot of pain ran through my body and I lay dead'

I am Tori, the cutest girl in high school and the only girl who isn't scared of death. I have a boyfriend, Liam, the sportiest boy in school.

I have a friend, Lesley, she is just like me but smarter. We hang around a lot near the talking tree. Only me and Lesley call it the talking tree because the tree talks to us. The tree holds many secrets. I know I may sound crazy but the tree has died 100 times. That's why I'm not afraid of death.

On the weekend I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend. My bladder was about to bust so I rush to the toilets. Then I came back and ordered our drinks. I had Pepsi. I drank the whole thing in a gulp and started choking.
I spat out a ring with my name and my boyfriends. "Liam and Victoria forever," I read.

I was shocked in a happy way!!!

"YAH...HAAAAA" I was not yelling in a good way though…
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