How death felt...💔

One minute I'm alive and then the next second... BLACK


3. Dan's Arrow

We went inside the Nightmare house and explored it. It wasn't scary until Liam stepped on a creaky floorboard. Suddenly a bright light appeared. It was pointing at a book. I took the book and exited the creepy house.

The book was blank when we saw it.

Right when I was going to write something in the book, an arrow went right through Liam.
"Liam!!!! Liam!!!!! Please don't leave me in this world alone!! Liam!!!" I screamed breathlessly. Struggling to talk, Liam held my hand tight, "I Love You." He had tears in his eyes like me. I stayed with him and continued to cry. I caught a quick glimpse of the mysterious person.

We had to have the funeral at the cemetery near the Nightmare house.

That night I stayed at Stella's house and she told me that the person who killed Liam was Dan Arrow. He had tried to kill Stella before but got her mom instead.

I'm gonna kill that Dan Arrow with a arrow!
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