one direction emiges

It's Christmases Eve Louis's birthday you spend the hole day saying happy B-day Boo-Bear. It's the next day you gate all of One Direction's phone numbers you scream who wouldn't. So like any person you call they don't pick up you get annoyed " Fuck it I'm flying to England"yo say. You get England they're not there you go back home it's raining you've just closed the door. Someone is there you go to the door. It's One Direction you slam the door in excitement you you dream like a preteen insane fan girl. You open the door there shirtless you say "Why are you shirtless they say "Because our shirts are wet".


2. harry

#imagine you at the beach there is an amusment park right across the street youare witj a group of friends there is a sweet heart ride. Your friends pull a prank on you and said that you were going together and then steped out of line. So you are panicing that you might sit next to a total creeper dut you end up siting next to a curly hiared doy who the same thing happened to him draecking the peace you say hi he saus back hello love. It tooke you awhile to notice that you where siting rigjt next to Harry Edward Styles! You gasp then say "OMG YOUR HARRY" then you blush and say " But you already knew that". Then he says "Well aren't you cute what's your name" you say "a-a-Arlyn" being dazed for a sec. You spend the rest of tje night on a date you go for ice cream then you get this text from yoir friend that were are you and that are you ok and that they are at your house. You say you habe to go home he ofers to walk you home  you walk extra slow and it seemed like hours and hours. When you get homhe kissed ypu and said"Tonight was amazing." A week latet you see each other at a party again and he said that he had the dest time with you. after ahole night of partying he asjs you if you will go with him! You turning drighter red than a cherry and almost pasing out and screaming insibe you say YES!  The End.


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