My first Love

Annabelle (a major bookworms) life gets turned upside down when she wakes up in bed with Harry Styles! She has a major hangover and finds herself meeting the whole boy band. But the drama strikes in when someone took a photo of her and Harry in bed! What will Annabelle do with all the publicity. And what happens if she starts having a crush on him!!?? Find out in this awesome fanfic. *warning there is swearing in this book*


2. The party

"Please come!" Mia begged to me. "But I've gotta work" I whined. "At that shitty restaurant?" Katie said bluntly. "Yes, at that shitty restaurant." I grinned. For the past hour Mia begged me to come to the party she was throwing. "But half if the school is coming!" Whined Mia. "And it won't be a party without you!!!!" "No." I said sternly. "Please, please. Please, PLEASE!!!!!" Yelled Katie and Mia at the same time. That definently got some people in the diner to look at us weirdly. "Fine." I whispered. "Just stop yelling". Katie giggled and Mia squealed with joy. "Yay! The party is at 9:30 on Friday." Said Mia with a big grin. Friday?!?! That's tomorrow!

What have I gotten my self into???!!!

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