My first Love

Annabelle (a major bookworms) life gets turned upside down when she wakes up in bed with Harry Styles! She has a major hangover and finds herself meeting the whole boy band. But the drama strikes in when someone took a photo of her and Harry in bed! What will Annabelle do with all the publicity. And what happens if she starts having a crush on him!!?? Find out in this awesome fanfic. *warning there is swearing in this book*


4. The first time I met "him"

Finally! I thought. School is over!!! "School is finally over! Lets go shopping for our outfits now!" Mia said practically yelling. " I know this really awesome mall we can go to!" Said Katie. "Ok but Mia's driving!" I giggled. "Fine then" Mia said pretending to pout.

When we got to the mall there was barely anyone. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "Over there" said Katie pointing to a huge group of girls. They seemed to be surrounding something. As we got closer we saw that they were surrounding 5 boys. "That's 1D" Mia whispered to me. I decided to take a better look and caught a curly brown haired boys eye. We stared at each other until security pushed all the girls back, knocking them into us. We ended up getting a dress and I helped Mia decorate their house. I didn't remember much after that....

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