Me, Myself, and 1d <3

It's about a girl who falls in love. A guy falls in love with her. And half the world is in love with the guy.


1. The Kidnapper

I walked down the street to my dad's car. I made sure no one was watching. You see, I wasn't exactly supposed to be with him. My parents went to court and mom won custody, by lying. I seriously didn't want to be with my mom. She only wanted me so she could say that she won. That she owns me. My mom is SO strict to!!! She won't let me do anything. My dad lets me doanything I want to do. So my dad was technically kidnapping me (is it considered kidnapping if the child wants to go with the person?) Whatever, Me and dad were going to some private beach that no one was supposed to know about. Even though Dad probably wouldn't even be there the whole time, when he was there it would be AWESOME!!!

I had some of my favorite clothes packed in my backpack and an extra pair of clothes. We drove to the place, talking the whole time. Dad was AWESOME!!!! I don't know how I lived without him all those months. Just then my boyfriend texted.

'hey babe. Meet me at the mall by the photo booth ;) <3' I groaned. How was I supposed to explain this to him

'sorry, can't. Gonna "disappear" for a little while again :-D'

':( you better come back soon though'

':-/ I was thinking I might be gone for a while this time.'

'just keep it in Ur mind that there's allot more chicks in the coop besides you.' 

uh! how could he say that? 

'well if Ur gonna be that way then keep in mind that u won't know where I am, if, or who I cheat with. -_-'

I muted my phone and went back to singing along to the radio. " your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me..." just then we pulled up to this gorgeous beach house. There was another one right next to it equally as outrageous.  I gasped," dad it's gorgeous!!!" I checked everything out. Dad smiled,"glad you like it. But look hon, I have to go for a while. I be back in a couple of days. A week at the most." I grinned "Kay dad, love you." I gave him a huge hug.

Just as he turned around the corner five gorgeous guys came out of the house, I wouldn't have been so scared if they weren't so shirtless. And hot!!!!  



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