When the World Turns to S%#*

The year just started, its 2013 and Adrian just started his junior year in high school. He was worried about his grades , girls , and typical stuff that teenage boys get nervous about but little does he know that soon those would be the last of the worries and would have to start finding out that the world isn't as friendly when disaster strikes.


3. Chapter 3

 I finally regained conscious and noticed I was typed up with a rope to a chair in a lunch room. I saw a girl that appeared to be a year or two younger then me and her dad who was holding a bat ready to strike at me at any minute.  With this sight I couldn't help to let out a smile of hope and say, "Hi my name is Adrian I don't want any trouble."  The lunch room grew quiet nobody said a sound.  I was confused and lost, I had no idea if I should say anything they both stood there like there were frozen until the man asked "what are you doing here"?.  I exclaimed "my house burned down and came to town trying to find food , water , and possibly survivors".  He nodded and started to untie me but without a second the girl whispered something to the mans ear and he stopped in his tracks and then tied me up again.  The man started by saying " look here boy,  I'm very protective of my daughter and so help you god if you touch her or hurt her in anyway you will have hell to pay but here is the baseline.... you may stay with us for the time being but there is no going back out there unless a emergency and make your self at home".  I proceeded by agreeing to all of his terms and asked him if I could be untied and without a second later I was free.  My arms felt numb and my feet were asleep but I made my way down the stairs into the store where I saw it was night time and he locked the metal fence up.  There was something creepy about a pitch black grocery store.  I walked the isle slowly looking for a dinner as I passed the freezers I saw that they were still running and was relived to see that the electricity was still working for time being.  I finally found a T.V. dinner that looked good and got two for the man and girl that I have yet to learn there name.  When I got up the steps I saw the father grab the bat casually and acted like he was playing with it.  I showed them the T.V. dinners and asked "would you like something to eat"?  the man snatched the box out of my hands and yelled "I can get my own food thank you very much".  The man walked down the steps and his daughter on his hip followed and said the very first words to me she whispered in my ears "it was very kind of you" and quickly caught up to her dad.  I used the microwave in the lunch room to cook my food and started to eat.  The loud footsteps of the duo startled me and a awkward silence filled the room.  The two joined me at the table deciding on sitting on the opposite side of me and the father started off by saying "you can sleep up here with us or downstairs where you would like".  I replied respectfully saying "thank you for taking me in and I would like to sleep up here".  after dinner we all got ready for the first night we locked the door to lunch room and I double checked due to me being paranoid.  I curled up into a corner putting a jacket over me as a blanket would from my backpack and used my backpack as a pillow.  I started to reflect on this past day how it all went down hill, started wondering about my family and if there alright or if there even alive.  I started thinking about the father and the daughter that I have yet to learn the name of I tried thinking of ways of how I could get on the fathers good side.  I soon fell into a deep sleep only to be awaken by a startling sound of rustling of the steel gate being shaken the dad like a dog sprang up and ran down the stairs while the daughter ran after him stopping at the door then looked down at me and begged for me to go help him.  As I was getting up I heard a fighting proceeded by a loud banging sound followed by a scream which made me and the girl run towards the father were I saw him left on the ground crying in agony with a gun shot wound in the left shoulder.  I was confused and lost of what happened but without hesitation I picked him up and brought him up the steps and laid him on the table.  I started thinking why would I help this man who been so unwelcoming to me but the thought quickly left my head thinking.  The girl sobbing asked me in a frantic voice "can you help him"?  "PLEASE"!?!  

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