When the World Turns to S%#*

The year just started, its 2013 and Adrian just started his junior year in high school. He was worried about his grades , girls , and typical stuff that teenage boys get nervous about but little does he know that soon those would be the last of the worries and would have to start finding out that the world isn't as friendly when disaster strikes.


2. Chapter 2

It all happened so quickly, I woke up to the smell of my house burning down.  I had to react quickly I had not yet seen the fire but knew it was spreading quickly from the heat of the wall.  I reached for the first bag I could find which was my black backpack and filled it with all the clothes I could and wrapped it around my shoulders.  I rushed for the door of my room to try to see if my family needed any help.  I slowly turned the door knob and in a moment a huge fire ball blew my door right open setting my room on fire.  I cried to my parents and my sisters but heard no response.  The smoke made it that you couldn't see from a inch away from you so I assumed they made it out  I looked for a way out but the fire was caving in I went back into my room which was covered in flames and then the idea hit me I would need to climb out the window.  I ran over to my window and without thinking punched the glass as hard as I could but it didn't shatter but make the spiderweb marks so with all my energy and the fire getting closer I punched it again this time shattering it and as quickly as I possibly could I jumped over the window onto the tree with my sister's tree house.  The tree was yet to catch on fire which was a fortunate turn of events for the time being and I ran out to the front thinking to meet my family.  When I stepped out into the front into the street and looked around spinning I saw my whole block nothing but ashes.  I was lost I didn't see my family hell I didn't see anyone the only thing I saw was the place I grew up all my life burning and eventually collapsing to the ground.  But I knew there was no time to waste I said my last farewells to the house and then got on my bike that was left out in the driveway from the day before and headed into town trying to find anything.  I guess adrenaline made pain oblivious because I looked down at my hands and saw pieces of glass pierced in my skin along with some nasty burns but felt no pain.  Looking around while on my bike all I saw where houses demolished some still in tack for the most part,  some burned to the ground as I left my neighborhood I had yet to see anyone not a person not even a bug but I got to the main street and got some hope I saw hundreds of cars trying to escape it would seem.  I rode passed but saw no one in the cars but it gave me hope.  I got to the grocery store and still have yet to see anyone I start to wonder if I was the only person left but as I approached the entrance of the grocery store and walked in and immediately got knocked out by a weapon.

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